What To Plant At Halfhill Farm

Plant either Spirits of Harmony or Ghost Iron /Trillium ore at your farm in Pandaria.

There’s a short quest line to open your farm at Halfhill.

If you already have your farm, don’t forget it!


Daily Gold Farming

You don’t need to add your Halfhill Farm (Sunsong Ranch) into your daily routine, just like you don’t need to add your Draenor garrison into your daily routine UNLESS you want something that you can get from there.

For me, that meant Spirits of Harmony until recently.

But now I have plenty of Spirits of Harmony, and it’s cheap ore that is hard to find.  So today I’m going to switch up from Spirits of Hamony to Snakeroot Seed.


What snakeroot seed gives you

Looks like each node gives you at least 1 ghost iron ore and 1 trillium.

For one farm, you gain approx 16 trillium plus 16 ghost iron ore.


Spirits of Harmony

Let’s compare the snakeroot yield to the yield for Spirits of Harmony.

If you were to plant mote of harmony seeds, you would get 1.6 spirits.

which is 0.8 x 20 ghost iron ore + 0.8 x 5 trillium = 16 ghost iron, 4 trillium.


Snakeroot or Spirit of Harmony?

If you plant snakeroot you get 16 ghost iron, 16 trillium.

If you plant spirit of harmony you get 16 ghost iron, only 4 trillium.


Therefore you should always plant Snakeroot if you want ore, and only plant spirit of harmony if there is something else that you want to swap at the Spirit of Harmony Vendor


Spirit of Harmony Vendor

In case you need her, the Spirit of Harmony trader is at the Shrine of Two Moons / Seven Stars.


Getting to Halfhill Farm, Sunsong Ranch, Every Day

If you decide to add Halfhill Farm into your daily routine, you can set your hearthstone here.  You already have a Dalaran hearthstone and a Garrison hearthstone so perhaps you can afford to set your regular hearthstone here.  The “innkeeper” is a book in your ranch building, called [Farmers Journal]

Good luck and happy gold making


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This guide has been edited, thanks to Persephonae who helped me with the maths (I’m getting old, guys!)