The Mists of Pandaria beta continues with new builds being launched.
New music
New quests
More profession news
New information for us as gold makers.

This post is full of spoilers.


Cooking and Fishing

Today I fished for Jade Lungfish which drops in Jade Forest about one in 5-6 fishing casts.

Did you fish in Dalaran Sewers in Northrend?

Then you’ll remember the famous Sewer Carp, aka sewer crap.

Well, the crap is back, but this time it’s golden.  Golden Carp is a common fish drop.  Luckily it can be made into all sorts of different food with cooking.

Halfway Hill Market is where all the cooking action is found. It’s the centre of the Valley of the Four Winds.


Cooking Specialties.

There are different specialties within cooking, each seem to give a buff to one stat.

  • Way of the Grill: Strength
  • Way of the Wok: Agility
  • Way of the Pot: Intellect
  • Way of the Oven: Stamina
  • Way of the Brew: Not quite sure yet. Ginseng is the starter ingredient and I haven’t found any yet.

Stock Master uses the Ironpaw Cooking Tokens to offer a bag of cooking ingredients at level 90, which saves you time travelling to the right area to farm mobs.

Jogo the Drunk, a Jinyu npc, will give you a forecast for what appears to be crop growing, in exchange for 10g.   You can gain reputation and friendship with him, but we’re not sure yet what the crop forecast is for. I’m guessing the Tillers or farming.

The temporary meat and fish traders currently only sell charred glyphs. Not very tasty, even to the more ardent vegetarian.

He used to be an adventurer like me

He used to be an adventurer like me

Each type of raw food seems to come from a particular type of mob.  “Lore”, a player who commented on a wowhead page, suggests the following ideas:


  • Hozen – Jade Squash / Striped Melon
  • Jinyu – Redblossom Leek / Striped Melon
  • Mantid – White Turnip / Pink Turnip
  • Saurok – Witchberries / Scallions
  • Yaungol – Green Cabbage / Mogu Pumpkin
  • Sprites – Redblossom Leek / Witchberries
  • Zandalari – Redblossom Leek
  • Virmen – Juicycrunch Carrot


Virmen particularly hate turnips, but I don’t blame them there.

The oven cooking trainer bakes fresh bread, a conjured item, and places it on the tables at Halfway Hill Market.  You can pick some up. Handy if you’re not a mage, or a good cook.

Do you remember when Blizzard removed all the extra mats for cooking, spices flour and whatnot?  Well they’re back with a vengeance. All those rice flour, noodles, soy sauce etc give me a headache.



Quests and Areas

Kasari Wilds look a little like Stranglethorn Vale.  The Mogu ruins reminded me a lot of the troll ruins in STV.  It’s also a nice place to farm tiger meat.

In one of the patches, I noticed the night elf female voice seemed slightly softer and revoiced.  See if you notice any difference.

The Hozen are funny, especially their attempts at insults.  “You ooking dookers!”


  • Gathering enchanted gloves.
  • Fishing lures
  • Armor enchants to add to new armor, they’re currently offering ilevel 399
  • Bagspace.  You will need 1 bag for all the food mats
  • Health pots, food or bandages.  Pandaria mobs hit hard.
  • A travelers tundra mammoth.  You can’t fly in MoP, until 90 I expect, and you will be glad to be able to vendor your common greys on the go.

Quests are not particularly enjoyable, but definitely bearable.  The ubiquitous bombing runs, the cut scenes, the “kill everything and bring me their loot”.


That's not crud in my bags, you offensive panda

That’s not crud in my bags, you rude panda


Chen’s quest to help him brew made me laugh and reminded me of Sholazar Basin.

One NPC made reference to how much “crud” I keep in my bags. I’ll have you know that this is the finest crud known to nelf-kind, and destined for the Auction House. hehe.

Also the irony of monkeys throwing barrels at me was funny. As Li Li says “what is it about monkeys and barrels, anyway?”



I need to take a week or two “time out” from The Gold Queen blog, I’ve been working on another Warcraft project for readers and I must concentrate on it in order to actually get it done! Please play nice whilst I’m away.

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  1. Vaughn
    Vaughn says:

    Not sure if I’m gonna get this xpansion. Not that I don’t like to play WoW. I’ts just that I’m getting bored with it after 6 years. Rehashed quest lines, rehashed dungeons with different names. It’a all just become “Meh” to me. I wanted to get excited about it, but after playing in beta I could’nt. Was excited when BC came out, same with Wrath and even got the CE at midnight for Cata. But now, I just can’t seem to say I really want to do this anymore.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Vaughn and thanks for taking the time to come by.

      I have to say, I know where you’re coming from. I was excited by TBC, and the opening of the Dark Portal was more fun than opening of AQ gates. Then I found myself making my way through Outland as a resto druid bombarded with feral delights from Blizz as they began to acknowledge the other talent specs of each class. TBC was exciting compared to the misty starts of vanilla. WOTLK was well thought out, from the detailing of Dalaran to the absolute FUN of barreling blindly through the heroics. Cata was where I lost my love, BoT, BH, TOt4W, they all rolled into one blur of non-raiding, non motivated bullcrap.

      I think you might be put off because of Cata.

      I dont know what the raids are like in MoP. The quests are pretty meh, but are done quickly and lead a logical progression story. It’s nicest with a low pop server, I think on a higher one it will be a bit more of a zerg fest.
      The graphics in MoP are no skyrim. But they’re a hell of a lot better than Cata. I found myself smiling back when the Panda grins, he has a lot more face movement.

      The way I look at it, in September (my prediction!) then WoW 4 will die. You won’t be able to play old-WoW anymore. Instead you get a brand new game, WoW 5. And it’s gonnna be worse in a few areas. It’s gonna be better in other areas. You also get to bring over all your old chars from WoW 4.

      It’s gonna be good. and if you have the right friends to play with, it’s gonna be great.

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