Nesingwary’s Camp of Ultimate Looting and Gold Grabbin’

Happy hours were spent today running up and down the ravine next to Nesingwary’s Camp in Pandaria.

[quote]Hemet Nesingwary says: Take that, beastie![/quote]


This is a fantastic zone to farm, and doubly so if you have any of the gathering professions.  I found:

  • Sha Leather
  • Exotic Leather
  • Pristine Scales
  • Tiger Steak
  • Green Tea Leaf – herb
  • Ghost Iron Ore – metal

The spawn rate is awesome, and if you have a skinner, herbalist or miner, just fly or mount/run around and pick up the leftovers.



  • Gorge Stalker – green stripey tiger
  • Mushan – Pan-faced Kodo-ish-beastie
  • Mountain Yak – on the sides of the hills up towards the wall.


[quote]Hemet Nesingwary says: I’ve got a present for ye! Here, let me just get it out of my gun…[/quote]



Hemet Nesingwary previously camped out in Stranglethorn Vale, then Nagrand, and Sholazar Basin.

He makes a brief appearance in Mount Hyjal as one of your assistants on the pre-Firelands quests. Protectors of Hyjal



Near to the Camp

If you get bored of any of the area, head north for slaughter (foxes! mushan! more mushan!), more ore, more herbs and more exotic leather.  Ghost Iron Ore is exceptionally plentiful on the Beta, expect it to be nerfed to normal spawn rate for live release of Mists of Pandaria (25 September 2012, dont forget).

Nesingwary’s camp is at the far southwest of Valley of the Four Winds.  The bottom of the ravine links to Krasarang Wilds.


Gorge Stalkers

  • These tigers pack a punch if you stand and allow them to cast ‘Tense Rake.  With a 2s cast time, you should be able to run out the way.  At level 90, the 30k hit won’t be so bad.
  • Also note, the ones lying down aren’t necessary dead, these tigers get pretty sleepy!
  • Not all of them drop tiger steak, this isn’t the best place for tiger steak drops.  For that you want Jade Forest level 90 tigers.

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