Return to Mists of Pandaria: Treasure Finding for Gold


Farming the treasures of Pandaria

Pandaria Treasures (lost and found/relic hunter) offer a range of items, from Bind on Account, to items for professions, to grey poor quality items with vendor prices of 100g each.

Some of the treasures give XP, which can be increased by rested bonus.

You can do this farm on each character.

Sometimes you have to click on chests, critters, items, or mobs.


How much gold can you farm?

About 2,000g just for picking up items from the ground and clicking treasure items.

Each item can be looted/interacted with only once per character. If you have 11 characters, you can do this 11 times.


Who is this guide for?

Players who used their level 90 free boost to create a level 90 character who has therefore never been to Pandaria


Players like me who did half of them as they leveled, then moved on.



Addons for Lost and Found Treasures of Pandaria

Lost and Found (handynotes), requires Handynotes


Tom Tom Waypoints for Treasures of Pandaria (Lost and Found)

Jade Forest
/way Jade Forest 47 67.4
/way Jade Forest 46 29
/way Jade Forest 43 11.6
/way Jade Forest 39.3 46.6
/way Jade Forest 39.4 7.3
/way Jade Forest 26.2, 32.3
/way Jade Forest 31 27
/way Jade Forest 23 35
/way Jade Forest 51 100
/way Jade Forest 46.3 80.5
/way Jade Forest 62.5 27.5

Valley of the Four Winds
/way Valley of the Four Winds 46.8 24.6
/way Valley of the Four Winds 45.4 38.2
/way Valley of the Four Winds 15.4 29.1
/way Valley of the Four Winds 43.5 37.4
/way Valley of the Four Winds 23 28
/way Valley of the Four Winds 92 39

Krasarang Wilds
/way Krasarang Wilds 52.3 88.7
/way Krasarang Wilds 50.8 49.3
/way Krasarang Wilds 68.6 7.6
/way Krasarang Wilds 52 73

Veiled Stair
/way Veiled Stair 75 76
/way Veiled Stair 54.6 72.6

Kun-Lai Summit
/way Kun-Lai Summit 51.5 74.0
/way Kun-Lai Summit 35.2 76.4
/way Kun-Lai Summit 74.7 74.9
/way Kun-Lai Summit 71.1 62.6
/way Kun-Lai Summit 44.7 52.4
/way Kun-Lai Summit 64.2 45.1
/way Kun-Lai Summit 56.0 49.5
/way Kun-Lai Summit 36 79
/way Kun-Lai Summit 52.6 51.5
/way Kun-Lai Summit 72 34
/way Kun-Lai Summit 56 49.5
/way Kun-Lai Summit 59 74
/way Kun-Lai Summit 47 73

Townlong Steppes
/way Townlong Steppes 66.3 44.7
/way Townlong Steppes 62.8 34.1
/way Townlong Steppes 68.8 86.1
/way Townlong Steppes 35.8 63.3
/way Townlong Steppes 57 58

Dread Wastes
/way Dread Wastes 28.8 42
/way Dread Wastes 26 50.3
/way Dread Wastes 30.2 91
/way Dread Wastes 33 30
/way Dread Wastes 48.7 30
/way Dread Wastes 42 63
/way Dread Wastes 56.8 77.5
/way Dread Wastes 54.1 56.4
/way Dread Wastes 71.8 36.1


Bonus Achievement and Title

You will get an achievement and a title!

The Relic Hunter


Multitasking while farming Pandaria Treasures

Prices for MoP dust, herbs, ore and even leather is currently low

However, if you have a Miner and Jewelcrafter, then mine the ore, and prospect it, as the gems sell well for JCs making the MoP Onyx Panther mounts.

Alternatively, take your Skinner, and instead of putting the raw leather on the AH, have your Leatherworker turn those Exotic Leather into Misthide Leggings and vendor them.



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