Jinyu and Hozen

World of Warcraft’s next expansion Mists of Pandaria includes new factions for both horde and alliance.  Alliance will grind reputation with the fishy Jinyu, whilst Horde become friendly with monkey-like Hozen.

Jinyu – Alliance

Hozen – Horde

Reputation Rewards.

Rewards for grinding faction reputation to exalted can traditionally include:

  • Rare pre-dungeon armor
  • Mounts
  • Tabard
  • Professions recipes and patterns
  • Pre-arena pvp gear
  • BoP gems, food, and useable items.
Stormstout Brewery, overrun with Hozu and Verming

Stormstout Brewery, overrun with Hozu and Verming

You can bet that grinding reputation to exalted with Jinyu or Hozu will be a similar grind to getting max rep with factions in Cataclysm expansion.  Not all players will get exalted status and rewards.  That’s one of the reasons why professions crafters can charge extra or ask for a tip when they craft using a pattern earned by reputation grinding.


New Daily Quests?

All the Cataclysm factions had repeatable daily quests (even Ramakhan!) which generated a good chunk of gold for the patient greedy or stubborn.  I fall into the category of all three.  With Mists of Pandaria focusing on the Horde v Alliance conflict, we may even find Jinyu and Hozen dailies follow the Tol Barad precedent.  Greg Street, Lead Designer even hinted at a large battleground in Pandaria by the second patch of the expansion.  Ones to watch out for?

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