Lucky Shirts

You will need:

An engineer OR An alt with: a garrison with an engineer building and a follower assigner OR to buy from the AH

An alliance character level 100 ready to begin the Broken Short 7.0 Scenario

A few hundred gold


How to farm Lucky Shirts



At the follower in your garrison engineering, purchase some GUMM-E mailboxes for 1g 60s.  Send them one by one to your alt (they also sell well on the AH).



Farming Lucky Shirts in Stormwind

Keep one on the character you will take to the Broken Shore scenario, and take them to Stormwind to begin the Alliance Broken Shore Scenario



Lenny “Fingers” McCoy is a lone figure standing by a large stack of first aid boxes, just after the Pandarian feast tables.



Vendor Lenny “Fingers” McCoy


Unfortunately the Lucky Shirts are Bind on Equip and Unique, in other words, you can only have one in your bags/on your person at one time.  What is a Worgen to do?

Pop the GUMM-E mailbox next to “Fingers” McCoy, and start purchasing shirts, one by one, and mail them individually to your alt/s.



I bought 30, and another one …. “for luck”


This trick will surely spread soon, so please buy your lucky shirts quickly, and mail them up before the price crashes.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

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    Just to clarify, Carcoza, sometimes the shirts appear as green, unique, BoE, and sometimes they appear as white, unique BoE. It’s a bit messy, but they can all still be sold.

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