Why We Love Wowhead

Almost everyone who plays World of Warcraft also regularly checks out Wowhead.

Originally just a database, over the last few years the site has expanded to include news, guides, even a live weekly show on Twitch.



Month of Gratitude

This Thanksgiving period, Wowhead are running a “Month of Gratitude” event with a giveaway.

Click link to visit Wowhead and enter the gratitude event until end of November 2017

Warcraft players love wowhead.

But why should a warcraft gold maker love wowhead specifically?


Undermine Journal Guy

Did you know that until recently the creator of the Undermine Journal worked with Wowhead?  Every item has the price from The Undermine Journal imported under Quick Facts.  Click “buyout price” to go directly to the undermine webpage to get even more information on the market value of the item.  Here’s an example for Netherweb Spider Silk.


Reverse Engineering

In this guide, I showed you how to reverse engineer a sale.  It’s an absolutely essential skill for making decent amounts of gold in World of Warcraft.  With Wowhead, you can look at an item, such as Living Steel, and find out the materials needed to craft the pattern. Trillium and Spirit (motes of) harmony.


Tracing Crafting Materials

It’s not just for reverse engineering that you can trace mats for crafting.  Take the White Bandit Mask.  Look at the market value of this crafted item, that Undermine Journal helpfully shows you.

White Bandit Mask Buyout Price at time of screenshot 362g 71s

Scroll down the page to find the materials:  It’s simple Mageweave!  What a great item to craft for sale. And incidentally very nice for disenchanting too.


Where Does it Drop?

Remember that Netherweb Spider Silk? If you need some for a pattern, you can click through to find out which mobs drop it.  Sort by the highest percentage drop rate, and its 78% of Blackfang Tarantula which are in The Black Morass.  That’s in the Caverns of Time.  Sounds like a good place to go farming if you’re passing through Tanaris.


Tips for Farming in Comments

Stuck on farming some materials, a pattern, or anything valuable for sale, it’s worth checking out the comments section in Wowhead.  And if you find a new place that’s a good spot, drop a note in the comments to help other farmers.


Farming Places

If you do like farming, you can find the best place to gather things.  For example, Empyrium, you can search for all the nodes where you can find ore to mine empyrium.

You can also trace the mobs that drop mats, or in this case, you can mine Empyrium from Felfang Basilisks.  Clicking through to the page about the mob, you can see a map of where to find them.  it’s a 100% droprate! Get mining!

Enjoying this guide?  Here comes the tweetable!

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Playing Guides

Wowhead have some good guides, written by staff and by reader contributors.  Looking for help with class hall missions?  Start here!


Wowhead Front Page

For the Warcraft gold maker and farmer, it’s simple to see what activities you can do today, right on the front page. Check out the World Bosses, which can give loads of gold.  Check the wowtoken price.  For players making gold with selling level 25 pets, check the garrison menagerie, without having to hearth to that god-forsaken hellhole. And for leveling up your alts, check the times of the next invasions.



Transmog Items

Had an item drop in a lower dungeon?  Shift-clicked it to check what it looks like on your character?  Looks like it might sell on the Auction House?  Check wowhead to see if it’s part of any similar looking transmog sets.  Then you can check whether these are high or low, slow or fast sellers also.

TSM Group Maker

Advanced Gold Making.

My last and best reason to be thankful for Wowhead is the ability to grab lists of items from the wowhead webpages to import into the Trade Skill Master addon group maker.

How to do it?

Get a page with the items that you would like to import, for example maybe you wanted to make a group with all the things that you can use Small Eggs for.


Highlight the items, right click and “copy”.

Go to TSM Group Maker page, paste in the code


After pasting in the code, it will look like this, and you can cut the “Group Import String” and paste that into your brand new TSM group, here under Groups > Chosengroupname >Import/Export > Import String.  Paste it in, click ok, and you have an easy made group ready to add your own operations.


I’m sure there are lots more reasons to be thankful for Wowhead, but what are yours?


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