World of Warcraft Legion gathering professions

What do we know so far?
There are new herbs in Legion



Legion Herbs

The news herbs in Legion are:

  • Starlight Rose
  • Felwort
  • Fjarnskaggl
  • Foxflower
  • Dreamleaf
  • Aethril


Herbalism Techniques

There are three ranks of techniques tied to picking each herb, and they each have special Rank 3 perks like summoning foxes or getting a powerful buff.

Rank 1

Attempts to gather the herb will fail less often

Rank 2

Teaches you how to find rare materials while gathering that herb.

Rank 3

Varies from herb to herb!

  • Starlight Rose: Attempting to gather a starlight rose will always succeed.
  • Felwort: Teaches you how to gather seeds from all Broken Isles herbs.
  • Fjarnskaggl: Mount quickly after gathering any herb in the Broken Isles.
  • Foxflower: Gathering foxflower will summon friendly foxes to fight alongside you.
  • Dreamleaf: Standing near a dreamleaf will grant you a powerful buff.
  • Aethril: Gathering herbs in the Broken Isles may cause additional herbs to appear.


Of particular interest “attempts will fail less often” and “will always succeed”

We’re wondering whether fails will mean you gather nothing, or whether you gather the 1/10th parts of flowers, eg petals/leaves.


Legion Ore Mines

New ore!

  • Leystone
  • Felslate

New types of Mining Node!

  • Ore Deposit
  • Living Ore
  • Ore Seam

Mining techniques

There are new mining techniques–these have 4 ranks instead of the usual three for other professions.

Rank 1

Increases the amount of materials found.

Rank 2

Gives you a chance to mine the deposit multiple times.

Rank 3

Gives you a chance to find Blood of Sargeras in the node.

Rank 4 

  • Ore Deposit: Mount quickly after mining any node.
  • Living Ore: Mine nodes more quickly.
  • Ore Seam: Gain a buff after mining a node.



New Legion Leather

  • Stonehide Leather
  • Stormscale
  • Fel Hide

You can also gather

  • Unbroken teeth
  • Unbroken claws


Skinning Techniques

Each type of leather has 3 levels of techniques.

Skinning Technique level 1 

  • Skinning Technique: Stonehide Leather  – Teaches you how to gather stonehide leather more effectively.
  • Skinning Technique: Stormscale – Teaches you how to gather stormscales more effectively.
  • Skinning Technique: Fel Hide – Teaches you how to gather fel hide more effectively.

Skinning Technique level 2

Allows you to find rare materials when gathering.

More Skinning Techniques 

  • Skinning Technique: Unbroken Tooth Teaches you how to gather unbroken teeth more effectively.
  • Skinning Technique: Unbroken Claw Teaches you how to gather unbroken claws more effectively.
  • Skinning Technique: Legion Butchery Teaches you how to gather meat when skinning creatures of the Broken Isles.
  • Skinning Technique: Legion Gutting Teaches you how to gather interesting items when skinning creatures of the Broken Isles.

“Interesting items” ?? Let’s hope that gets more information as the beta progresses.


Skinning Knife

Mother’s Skinning Knife

“Skin a creature from up to 40 yards away. Not effective on creatures above level 113.”

That’s one long knife!

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