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Are you using your guild mates to maximise your farming and grinding time?

I hate farming for World of Warcraft gold, I hate farming, grinding, killing the same mobs over and over again, but did you know that your guild can help you out with farming?  In this 3rd part  of my Gold With Your Guild series I’ve got some tricks and tips for making those boring hours more productive and effective for you.


Invite your Guild Mates

If your guild mate is gathering in the same area as you, invite them to a party.

I know it goes against the instincts when you want to gather and grab as much as possible, excluding the competition, but there are a couple of reasons why:

You can share information on competitors in the area.

You can watch where your guild mate is farming and gathering, and then you know you won’t be covering the same ground.

Give, and you will receive. (Part of the Gold Queen’s “be nice” business policy.)

You can see which areas have recently been harvested, and work out which areas are therefore empty and which are more likely to have the freshest mobs or most ore/herbs/gold/crapthat you want to gather.

You can set your Gatherer addon, one of my recommended addons, to share herb gathering nodes and status with party members, if you do not already have it set to share the information with the entire guild.

Some things are just easier to do with a mate there to listen to complaints “urghh I hate farming” or successes “Zomg, CAMEL STATUE! 111”


More obscure reasons you might enjoy farming with guild mates:

If your guild mate is an enchanter, you can profit from the option to disenchant any greens that you loot.  I’m pretty sure that this stacks with Bountiful Bags perk! Can you try it and let me know?

Is your guild mate not max level? Let him have some of your XP, he’ll be grateful.

A team of guild mates gathering can farm an entire region, for example Stranglethorn Vale for the elusive and expensive (5-10k) Hyacinth Macaw

In the same way, you can team up to farm and grind rep such as the reputation grind for the Sporregar, or Bloodsail, much faster in a group.


What other ways have I missed that you can work with a guild mate in a team to make more gold?



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