Kun-Lai Cave Farming


Bored of farming those turtles in Valley of Four Winds yet? Come with me to Kun-Lai Summit and check the Yeti caves.

We have Ore

  • Ghost Iron Ore
  • Trillium Ore

We have herbs

  • Snow Lily nodes
  • Golden Lotus spawn points

We have leather

  • Yeti giving Exotic Leather
  • and Sha Touched Leather scraps

We have XP

  • Picking Herbs
  • Mining Nodes
  • Killing Yeti – 52,700 XP a kill


New Gold Farming Movie – Kunlai Yetis <—- Click to tweet this


West of Kota Base Camp

  1. Three different caves
  2. Don’t need flying ability to get there, can farm from level 86+
  3. Still relatively undiscovered*
  4. Watch the movie to check exactly where to find the caves

*Update: Alto has found it, too!

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4 replies
  1. J
    J says:

    Might want to add the “kafa press” to the list of things the area offers. its a nice on-use item that gives quite a bit of haste and sobers you up. I think it counts towards the “Lost and Found” achievements too.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      The other thing I forgot to put in was to use your guild standard if you want to increase your XP

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