Icy Cloak Transmogrification

A wonderful transmog item is the icy cloak.  I first sold this in 2006 ish to a PVE / levelling up character who wanted a set of white armor, and matched the Icy Cloak with a White Wedding Dress.

Recipe: Icy Cloak is sold by Ghok’kah, a horde-only vendor in Dustwallow Marsh.

  • Horde, pick up the limited supply item from the vendor for 15s and sell the recipe through the neutral Auction House.
  • Alliance, look for good deals in the neutral AH from those horde.
  • Tailors, make up the Icy Cloak cloth back and sell for a really good profit.
  • Alchemists, craft frost oil and try to profit from the tailors making up the cloak.

Icy Cloak is a perfectly white cloak, with a cute golden border, celtic-style swirls.  It uses one of the very long cloak models.

Make the Most Profit

Gold Gamers, to make the most gold from the opportunity, go through every step, using your alts, a second account, or a friend to help transfer through the neutral AH. Buy the pattern, transfer through neutral AH, craft the cloak, and sell for a small fortune.

Icy Cloak sells for 1900g according to The Undermine Journal, but with very little competition and a unique look, transmog item specialists can try and sell this for much more.

Whether you try and sell your Icy Cloak for 1000g, 2000g or 5000g, it’s a big leap from the 15s it will cost for the pattern.

Items for your Snatch List:

  1. Icy Cloak
  2. Pattern: Icy Cloak
  3. Frost Oil
  4. Thick Spider Silk

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