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Lindsey is also blogging at his site about his experience at the Gold Speed Run, part of Massive Gold Blueprint, where dozens of World of Warcraft players reroll a brand new level one toon on a new server, one player per server, and race each other for the maximum amount of gold in one month, playing only one hour a day.  The current leader of the Gold Speed Run made nearly 60,000g in the first week!

The fastest way I know to make World of Warcraft gold with a startup level 1 toon

How many times has someone whispered you, “Will you give me 1 gold so I can buy training?”. The amounts may vary and the purpose may differ but there they are with their hands out asking for money that you’ve earned and they haven’t.
I’ve written this small article that will be posted on a web site or two to show just how easy it is to make a hundred or so gold.

Draenei Hunter

One of the easiest if not the fastest way to earn some quick gold is to roll a Draenei hunter, level him to 4, run him over to the Azure Watch area. On the way to the town, kill at least 6 Moongraze stags and gather 1 moongraze tenderloin from each.

On entering the town, stop off at the Hunter trainer, accept the quest, turn in the tenderloins, send the recipe to your bank toon to place on the auction house. The most common price is about 149 gold but I’ve heard of them selling for 1000 gold. My personal high sale was 659g.

Additional coins may be obtained by selling all the gray loot to the vendor and auctioning the small eggs gathered from killing timberstriders. They are currently selling for 96 silver each on my server.

Recipe: Moongraze Tenderloin

After waiting for about an hour, my recipe: roasted moongraze tenderloin sold for 247 gold and the 3 eggs I gathered sold for 95 silver each. So, for slightly less than an hour of work, I earned about 250 gold.

This is a one-time quest per toon so in order to get the recipe again, you would need to roll a new draenei hunter and repeat.

Hot Tip:

You can save some time by using the current toon to gather 6 more moongraze tenderloins and mail them to the new toon to save him the time spent hunting.

This can be done as many times a day as it’s profitable or not terminally boring.

Part Two of the How to Make WoW Gold With series
Lindsey Allen runs “WoW My Way” a blog about how he plays World of Warcraft in his unique style. His main is a level 85 Dwarf Paladin on Nordrassil (US)

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  1. richard
    richard says:

    Nice idea, for us die hard hordies I say try and corner the linen market slowly. Its a bit harder with fast leveling, but mark up you linen and buy out any below yours. It will start slow, but eventually you will get up to a good gold amount and selling your items from your 2 professions ( you did take 2 gathering professions, right?) will get you able to buy most anything you *need* for leveling. Don’t forget to auction off anything BOE white and above!

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