The last two days have been absolute horrors!  First of all, an experiment with a 3 column blog went revoltingly wrong.  The design was all over the place, colours everywhere, and the comments feature broke! I’ve been trying to clean up the design, it was too grungy for a ‘queen’.  Hope you like the current shininess.  Shall I change the background?

Then I bought an epic staff for 16k, hoping to flip it for 20k.  It didn’t sell for 20k.  I tried 19k, and got undercut, so I gave up and posted it for 18k.  Hurray, it sold straight away, except it didn’t, because I’d accidently posted it for 1.8k  Oh dear, that’s 14k down the toilet. That’s quite possibly the biggest and worst mistake I’ve ever made in WoW gold making. I was really gutted. Guild mates suggested I speak to the buyer, but a queen never gets on her knees, so I just let it pass.  At least I made someone happy!

What was the worst mistake you’ve ever made?  How did you sort it out?

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11 replies
  1. Selema
    Selema says:

    I bought 6000 volatile fires for 3g each planning on selling for 7g each accidentally put them all on for 70 silver each, unsurprisingly they all went in less than 5 minutes

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      You must have been so excited to see them all “sold” in your mailbox until you realised the price 🙁

  2. Kammler
    Kammler says:

    Before I got serious about earning gold I would set a goal and save for it. My goal at the time was to get a Titansteel Shanker for my Rogue. I had saved for quite a while and bought one for about 2.5k gold as I recall.

    I applied my Berserking enchant and queued up for a new Heroic to try out my rockin' new knife.

    First up? Forge of Souls. And what dropped off the Devourer of Souls? Yep, the Blood Weeper dagger. And I greed rolled a 90 something and won it.

    Could have spent that gold on something else.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I recently made Enchant Weapon: Power Torrent. Cost me about 8k-9k and I posted it for 17k several times until it finally sold at which point I realised I had forgotten a zero and had sold it for 1700. So yeah. You're not the only one. I also didn't even consider speaking with the buyer because in his shoes I would never have given it back.

  4. fluxdada
    fluxdada says:

    Sorry to hear about the mis-post. But at least it was an honest mistake. I once gave a scammer 1850g for a Spectral Tiger 'code' which turned out to be fake.

    Just think about it this way I am sure you will never make that same mistake again. (And that, in the long run, may save you more than you lost.)

    Keep your crown up queen! -flux

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    Nice way to deal with it though @not getting on your knees and talking to the buyer.

    On a side note, next time' you're going to do something like this can you do it on Blackrock – Alliance and give me a heads up?

    Druzzt, lol!!

  6. Vince
    Vince says:

    I got wind of the Alchemy Stone Hotfix minutes after it went live, and proceeded to snatch all the Maelstorm Crystals I could. I was quite happy, and planned to flip them slowly over the next few days. Either later that day or the next, I put one up for easily double what I bought it for, logged out, and went to read for class. Maybe a half hour later I checked my auctions using the Remote AH app, saw that it had sold, and used the app to post another one Content, I went back to reading, and a short time later checked again. Hooray! It sold! I'm getting rich! Time to post another! But what's this? Where did the rest of my stockpile go? I had 8, sold, 2, so I should have 6 more, right? Well, it turns out that for whatever reason, the AH app posted an ENTIRE STACK of the MC, when I only wanted to sell one, and I priced it accordingly. So some lucky SoB bought 7 MC for the price of one, and I completely lost my entire investment.

    So yeah, I feel your pain!

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