Cataclysm Herbs

The new herbs for cataclysm are:

If you’re buying these, like me, for glyph making, please remember that they *all* make Ashen Pigment, so just buy whichever is cheapest. My alchemist is also a herbalist, and I’m intending to level up her herb gathering and alchemy together, so lucky me I don’t have to buy two sets of herbs!

The price trend I’m seeing on my main server at the moment is that it started high (typically 10g per herb), flew immediately higher and higher until a peak (20g+) and over the week it dropped down to approximately twice the normal market costs of WOTLK price.

However, there has either been a stealthy drop-rate nerf, or demand for the herbs has shot up in the last 48 hours, because prices have begun to rise again, and are now approaching what will become the normal market price per herb.

The Gatherer addon by Norgannon still works for Cataclysm, but the wowhead database is not yet up to date, so you will need to gather your own data “on the fly” rather than downloading that database.  If you are in a guild, you can share data automatically, but there is also an option to share data with another player.