Cataclysm Leather makes Instant Gold

No I haven’t gone insane with a title like Heavy Leather Shuffle. Although let’s pause for a moment to consider some well-leathered bikers shuffling down the street.

In related advice, don’t google “leather dance” unless you want your eyes burned.

Today’s blog post is a reminder that Savage Leather  can be made into Heavy Savage Leather .  10 Heavy Savage Leather can be shuffled at a leather supplies vendor (except, oddly, the one in Dalaran!?) by ANY PLAYER into a single Pristine Hide .

In turn, Pristine Hide can be made by a leatherworker into lovely expensive gold making leg armors.

I may have wimped out on my A Level Maths, but even I know that when 10 Heavy Savage Leather are for sale for 200g+ and Pristine Hides sell for 300g+ then you have yourself a winner.

Go shuffle your leathers, guys!

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  1. Massiefje
    Massiefje says:

    Some tips are so obvious, that I just forgot about them!

    Thank you for reminding me of it!

    Keep up the good work, your tips really help!

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