Hamster Wheel

This is you


You run from youtube guide to youtube guide.

“how to farm 50,000g an hour using this one weird trick” to “patch 9.7 secret new items how to farm”

I get emails from you.

I get DMs from you.

“Hi, what’s the fastest place to farm?”

“where can I farm the best transmogs?”

“I followed this guide but none of the items sold”

“everyone else is farming this, why don’t my things sell?”


Do You Know How Enraging It Is?

To see you all suckered in by things like this?

You’re intelligent. You’re clever.

But you’re hamsters on a wheel.

Jumping from fail idea to fail idea.

Farm spot to farm spot.



Hello! It’s Me, TGQ!  Let me show you my free system!

“Your free system is boring.”

There is nothing boring about being rich.

But if you want to jump back on the hamster wheel? Be my guest.


When you’re tired of running the hamster wheel, I’ll still be here.




Goldqueen faseAbout the Author

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