Gold Making Prep for Warcraft Patch 7.25


What to Craft

What to sell when Patch Hits

  1. Vantus Runes
  2. Defiled Augment Runes
  3. Flasks and Feasts
  4. Enchants and Gems for new gear, especially Saber’s Eyes
  5. Ancient Mana Crystal
  6. Mounts. I know that sounds strange, but players will need extra gold to buy heirloom upgrades, and why buy one wowtoken when you can buy two and get a mount as well. Especially kep an eye on Sky Golem, Vial of the Sands, and the Jewelcrafting Panther Mounts.

Sell now

  • Cloth (Shal’dorei Silk) but hold some back as people won’t be farming so much at first
  • Stonehide Leather, but again hold some back.
  • Boosts – Ahead of the Curve with your guild

What to dump

  • Nethershards will only purchase ilevel 880, not new legendaries.  They are used for a catch up mechanism not a get-ahead mechanism. May I suggest buying the [Repurposed Fel Focuser] as a free mini-flask for your main and alts.
  • Any midsummer fire festival items you’ve been holding on to for a year.

What to hang on to

  • Hold on to Furystone, Pandemonite (to help support the high Saber’s Eye prices).
  • Enchant mats (again, to support prices).
  • Ore, again to support those gem prices.
  • Your unwanted crafted items.  You’ll be making obliterum for a week before the prices drop again.

What to farm or to buy

  • Defiled Augment Runes (try tanking/healing heroic dungeons when the satchel is up. Use addon ‘Satchel Scanner’.
  • Bacon, on as many alts as you can.  Expect the price of Bacon to DOUBLE, briefly, on the day patch hits. Might be the day before if your server gold makers are on the ball.
  • Pandemonite and Furystone.
  • Enchant mats.  Hold on to them for now until patch hits.  Don’t waste them now.  Buy off low-price singles and repackage for sale next week.
  • CHEAP mana pots and health pots, for making into Obliterum.
  • Transmog items. Buy them all now, for the transmog micro holiday in August.

Finally, level your rogue alt, for pickpocketing fun and gold making.



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