Hold it right there mister! This isn’t kindergarten you know. I bet you’re the type who curses your team mates in CAPS in Alterac Valley when you get ganked.

I’ve healed your crappy rogue through Molten Core because you were too lazy to bring bandages. I’ve outdpsed your hunter in Tempest Keep. I’ve even reapecced tank and spent a fortune on shadow res gear because your warrior couldn’t or wouldn’t hold agro. I’ve carried your alt through Uldum achievements, I ve out damaged you in heroics whilst tanking.

And now you’re too lazy to learn the true value of commodities in the auction house. You think my hours of work getting a new pattern were purely for your enjoyment, and I don’t deserve a tip? You think I researched this rare item, travelled, camped and acquired it just to give away to a stranger?

In the morning, I’m gonna knock on your front door. I’ll point to your pc your doting mother sweated to buy for you. Then I’m going to have a tantrum that you don’t give me it. Deal?

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The mobile Gold Queen

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  1. Methuselah
    Methuselah says:

    Crafting for tips should hardly be in a serious goldmaker’s portfolio. With very few exceptions, the time you spend barking, negotiating, crafting and trading can ALWAYS be put into something that is more profitable.

  2. Tekrahkshi
    Tekrahkshi says:

    “Gold’s inflated, you can find more” Oh? Hey look! I suddenly have a price to craft and it’s inflated tooooo.

  3. Jane Gray
    Jane Gray says:

    This is why I do not work for tips, ever. I did a month long experiment more than a year ago while I fished in the dalaran fountain for those stupid coins. I barked that I was working for tips every 5 minutes or so and made about 1000 gold over the course of the experiment. Definitely not worth it.

    People can pay my prices on the ah or find someone else to craft but I agree, the fact that the standard tip has remained 10 gold for 4 years is ridiculous.

  4. WorkChamp
    WorkChamp says:

    Think about what the prices of gems, enchanting mats, flasks, elixirs, armor patches, and glyphs would cost if there were not the people playing around on the AH. The same people that are complaining about people on the AH are the same people that would complain when items are now 3-6x more expensive and they will be forced to buy it, because that might be the only time it is on the AH this week.

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Yup, your exactly right. I have personally been keeping the supply of power torrent enchants flowing on my server’s AH since 4.3 dropped. If it were not for people like me who live in the ah, I am sure they would be 4-5k by now. So, people can hate on us gold hounds but we really do keep things moving along whether people want to admit it or not. Of course, all for a price 😉

  5. Mustacheride
    Mustacheride says:

    It’s a new generation of wow players that are only used to the current instant gratification system. Blame Blizzard!

  6. Sinshroud
    Sinshroud says:

    True that about how people don’t appreciate the privilege of someone making them a rare enchant / craft. People still tip the same amount that they used to in Pre-BC 6 years ago! It’s crazy. 10 gold? Pppfft! They can take their 10 gold back because their lack of appreciation won’t get them far and they going to need every bit of help they can get.

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