Two Farming Spots in Shadowmoon Valley

From this farming you can get:

  • A pet worth 4-9,000g.
  • Herbs.
  • Ore.
  • A rare mob to kill which drops a fun item.
  • An achievement.
  • A treasure crate with a lvl 90 weapon.
  • Another pet worth 3,000g which is repeatable and farmable.
  • And many green/uncommon armor loot.


Demidos Farming

To get to this world rare, either clamber awkwardly up some rocks in Socrethar’s Rise, or make use of your Aviana’s Feather to soar through the air and aim for the spot where he spawns.  If he is not up, you can hang around.  Rough guess for his re-spawn time is 1 hour.  Once up the hillock which is at the north west of Socrethar’s Rise, you can throw a rope down to anyone in your party you can’t jump up alone.


Demidos is just the appetiser or starter for your main course of farming for today, but he is a very tasty snack if you don’t wish to have the whole meal.



Soloable at 100 with a class you know very well, easier in a group if you are at all unsure.  Here, my friend Mega has joined me to give him a chance at the pet too. You guys might remember him from the twitch livestream farming in Nagrand.

Screenshot_32Unfortunately the drop rate is 15% and Demidos can only have one loot attempt per day.
 “You have 1 chance per day per character to loot something from its specific loot table. Once you loot Demidos your character will be saved for that day and will be ineligible for additional loots even if you were unlucky before and nothing special dropped. Quest resets at 3:00 AM server time.” From Wowhead
So I didn’t get the Servant of Demidos on this particular pull, but if/when it does drop, the Undermine Journal prices it at somewhere between 4-10k

Your first kill of Demidos will award you an achievement.

Once you have finished with Demidos, move on to the main meal for today, which is farming the Lobstroks in the south west of Shadowmoon Valley.

Lobstroks Farming

Large lobsters on the coast around the southwestern islands of Shadowmoon Valley.  On the island is also the rare mob which you can loot only once: Darkmaster Go’vid. He drops a blue staff with a fun “Use”. lobstrok



The staff would probably be fun to use together with the Empty Crawdad Trap trinket that I found in North Nagrand.




The mobs you are farming will be the Darktide Lobstroks.  Both those which are at the edge of the island, on the beaches, and the ones on the shore of actual Shadowmoon Valley. Those ones are contained in bubbles which you can break just by clicking to free the lobstrok then kill and loot it.



Your first drop should be within half an hour if you are killing steadily.

After you have looted your Zomstrok, learn the pet, open your pet journal, and right click him to Put In Cage.  It’s this caged lobster that you can put on the Auction House.




Caged Zomstrok ready for putting on the AH


Plonster from WARCAFT PETS suggests this pet is a great pet for TANKING and against HUMANOIDS


Giving Warcraft Pets some love

This farming run also gets you several green/ uncommon loot which you should process as normal greenies. (see my post on “should I vendor or disenchant my greens?“)



I was also lucky to pick up a 500g Super Cooling Regulator during the farm.  Don’t count on this!

Note: Trading Post auction house parts only drop if you have an uncompleted auction house bot in a level 2 or 3 Trading Post in your Garrison


Takes about 15 minutes for pet to drop.  4 per hour, at current price of 3,000g each gives 12,000g worth of value per hour.

There are herbs and ore around the area if you have a gathering profession.


Frostweed on the island

Avoid the skeletons in the centre of the island, they don’t drop anything.


The waterlogged chest is guarded by a single lobstrok and yields a level 90 fist weapon that vendors for 37g


Waterlogged Chest



twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Cat
    Cat says:

    Well, I just pooled 2,083g from this stuff ;)Thanks for the wonderful tips. I am sure when I have more time that could be doubled for sure ;P

  2. JuniorDeBoss
    JuniorDeBoss says:

    So I went here for an hour and was able to obtain 3 pets and 2 AH parts, and random greens, not to shabby. Is it something i would farm for hours? Maybe not. But that is only because it is not in my play style to farm pets. However, if you are a pet collector or pet seller, I would definitely recommend this spot as the value is there depending on your server. TGQ great blog and see you in stream!!!

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