World of Warcraft announces new epic gems drop for patch 4.3

Red: Queen’s Garnet
Orange: Lava Coral
Yellow: Lightstone
Green: Elven Period
Blue: Deepholme Iolite
Purple: Shadow Spinel

How to Get Epic Gems

Getting epic gems in patch 4.3 is going to be a different way we got epic gems in Wrath Of The Lich King. In WotLK, epic gems were mostly prospected from titanium ore. They were also drops from Dalaran fishing quests, which was Blizz’s way of encouraging players to complete those boring fishing dailies.

In patch 4.3 (Dragon Soul raid patch), epic gems will drop from geodes, containers which players get when defeating a boss in the Deathwing raid.

For gold gamers who gave up raiding due to time constraints or boredom, this is hideously frustrating. We are still waiting to hear whether the epic gem transmutes datamined from ptr will make it in-game. If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t created by a combination of the corresponding elemental and herbs.

Hyjal. Fire. Volatile fire. Cinderbloom. Ember topaz.
Uldum. Air. Volatile air. Whiptail. Amberjewel.
Vashjr. Water. Volatile water. Veil of Azshara. Ocean sapphire.
Deepholm. Earth. Volatile earth. Heartblossom. Inferno ruby.
Twilight highlands. – – Twilight Jasmine. Demonseye.
– Life. Volatile life. Stormvine. Dream emerald.

Of all these elements, several are in high supply. Of these, you need to be watching for the lowest prices, and shamelessly bottom feeding.

Three of the elements are either in low supply or high demand, or have such a volatile value that they are worth stockpiling.

Warning. Never stockpile any item without a back up plan. Your gamble could go wrong.

Inferno ruby. Expensive and highly desirable.
Veil of Azshara. Low supply.
Heartblossom. Low supply.

If you can buy any of these below 50% of their usual value, I would suggest gobbling them up faster than a hungry hungry hippo.

Epic Gem Cuts

Tome Burning Jewels is bind on pickup, unfortunately they cannot be traded. They sell for 4 jewelcrafter daily tokens. Specific patterns sell for 5 tokens.

The patterns from the tomes for epic gem cuts are random. Jewelcrafters do your jewelcrafting daily quests, hoard your jc tokens and pray to the RNG gods for lucky drops.

Which Epic Gems to Cut?

Click a few magic buttons at to see the names of rare gem cuts by popularity. From here we can extrapolate the cuts you will want to get.

Gold Queens Recommendations

Top 3 gems
Willful Lava Coral. Reckless Lava Coral. Purified Shadow Spinel.

Rest of the Top 10
Artful. Brilliant. Delicate. Bold. Veiled. Puissant. Etched.

Other Epic Gems to Watch
Glinting Shadow Spinel. Fractured Lightstone. Solid Deepholme Iolite.

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5 replies
  1. Catherine Brody
    Catherine Brody says:

    I checked on my server and Lightstone sells for like 3000 gold….I been working on getting the blue gemmed recipes on my Jewelcrafter, I still gotta get the BC and Wrath cuts for my shaman…so, hopefully I can get em all, it looks like I might be able to make some money this way, but I am not sure it is even worth that LOL I would much rather pick up what will give me quick business among my friends and my own toons 😉 and till I run Dragon Soul, it is totally pointless for me to even try for epic gems…But hey 😉 I cant wait…

  2. Itzal
    Itzal says:

    Excellent as always, especially the line “Warning. Never stockpile any item without a back up plan. Your gamble could go wrong. ”

    Your recommendation to get the Willful Lava Coral pattern surprises me, however. Willful Ember Topaz is one of the most popular gems according to wowpopular, but the site includes PVP gear. I imagine if someone has a Lava Coral, especially early on, they are likely to be a raider, and not likely to spend one of their few precious epic gems on a PVP cut.

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      Willful are one of my secret sellers. On a high population server, not many other jcs even bother with it. Which means times of low competition and high prices. How are they on yours ?

      • Itzal
        Itzal says:

        They sell great, but unless you can get the epic Lava Coral yourself (i.e. cutting to sell, not cutting as a service) I can’t imagine anyone would ask you for that cut.

        Of course, if you are raiding yourself, and selling the epic gems you get, or can get one off the AH, I suppose a PVPer would pay good money for that slight advantage over the rare gem.

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