Why use easy buyout?

Easybuyout gives you a huge advantage over playing the Auction House with no addons, or even buying with Trade Skill Master: SPEED.

Yesterday, I wanted to buy about 1,000g worth of herbs to make inks for my scribe alt.  I initially wanted to use TSM Shopping utility to buy the right mats, and TSM correctly identified that it would be cheapest to buy Cinderbloom at under 1g each and trade to the right inks at the ink trader.  Then the fun started: buying with TSM is very slow, as if TSM rescans the auction page to check that the item is still the cheapest available, every, single, time, you, want, to, buy, something, zzzzz.  Is your TSM as slow as mine? Maybe I’m missing something in configuring it, but to get back on the subject, I didn’t have the patience to wait for TSM to buyout the mats and I was glad that I had previously set up EasyBuyOut.

How to set up EasyBuyOut with Auctioneer?

EasyBuyOut is a utility module: part of Auctioneer, which you can download from Curse addon site, and is included as part of the Gold Queen auction and gold making addons pack.


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1 – Browse

2  – Configure Auctioneer

3 – EasyBuyOut

4 – Enable Key Modifier


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5 – Scroll Down

6 – Set a max limit for EasyBuyOut

How to use easy buyout

Using Easy Buyout is the most fun part! Almost, but not quite, as much fun as super-speed posting hundreds of glyphs on AH with modifier+mousewheel using TSM.  Browsing the other gold blogs, you will have heard the term “AH PvP” but buying mats on AH with EasyBuyOut is “AH DPS“, due to the sheer speed that you can do the task. Instead of clicking your item, clicking buyout, then clicking the confirm box, Easy Buyout simplifies the entire process into a single modifier+rightclick.  I use shift/rightclick combo as my control key is bound to vent push-to-talk and my guildies don’t want to hear my AH gleefully ding-ding-ding-ing as I buy thousands of mats, heh.  So choose the option that you selected in the setup and simply click the item you want to buy.  As long as it isn’t over the gold purchase amount, your item will be bought immediately. Cutting the clicks and mousing down by 1/3 increases the number of items you can buy by 3 (or more if you’re a click fiend), which is why I call it AH DPS! EasyBuyOut also has options for Bidding and Cancelling auctions that you can explore.


EasyBuyOut is easily overlooked part of Auctioneer which can save you time and wrist-ache.  And when a bunch of extra cheap mats come up on the AH and you want to grab them before your competitors, those few seconds might just make you a few extra ‘g’s

Easybuyout documentation from Norgannon’s Auctioneer website http://wiki.norganna.org/Auc-Util-EasyBuyout

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