Should I Make Darkmoon Cards?

How much should I pay for them?

What will you sell decks for?

A few days into the expansion, and players are anxious about Darkmoon Card prices.

The crafting materials include either Spirit of Harmony (farmable) or scroll of wisdom, which can be made once per day. As the scroll of wisdom are also used for epic BoA staves, this puts players into a quandary about whether to use the scrolls now for cards, or save them to make an epic staff or offhand.

My gut feeling is to make a few cards, and some gold to keep you going.  Then as the market matures, make the staff/offhands.  As raiding starts, and players begin to demand raid-ready items, the demand for the staff/offhand items will increase.

Once players have one char at 90, these Bind on Account items can be passed to the next alt to be leveled up.


When is Darkmoon Faire?

Darkmoon Faire starts 12:00AM server time, October 7 and finishes 11:59pm, 13 October 2012.

Make your cards now before October 7th.  From October 12th, start buying the cheap deals on the cards from players who have made a card which is over represented in the AH. In other words, if there are a bazillion 6 of Cranes, then the prices will crash, so you can buy the cheapest and hoard it for the November Darkmoon Faire.

[box type=”warning”] Please only buy if you can afford to lose the gold. The November prices are not guaranteed. A good rule is only to buy things which you know you can use yourself, if the market crashes. [/box]

From 13 Oct, make staves and offhands.

As November Darkmoon Faire approaches, make cards, and prepare your cards which you gathered cheaply at October Darkmoon Faire.

[box type=”info”] Aim: Make gold now, and make a lot of gold in November Darkmoon Faire. [/box]

November Darkmoon Faire is Sunday, 04-Nov-2012 to Saturday, 10-Nov-2012.


Darkmoon Cards

How much should I sell and buy the Darkmoon Cards for?

The Undermine Journal has you covered on this question.

  • Log on to
  • Choose either US or EU.
  • Choose your realm.
  • On the black background menu at the top, choose Enhancements.
  • Choose Darkmoon
  • Scroll down to Mists of Pandaria Darkmoon Deck Prices and single Darkmoon Card Prices (Cranes, Oxen, Serpents, Tigers).
  • Check the Confidence Interval (95% CI)
  • The dot is to the left when the current market price is under the average, and to the right when the current market price is over the average.

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