Cross Realm Farming Part 4 – Camping Limited Supply Items

In Part 3, you discovered that your ore and your herbs were not safe on your servers, and could be farmed and plucked from under your nose by cross realm gold makers and gold farmers.

Today we extend that to include your rare and expensive items.


This screenshot is from wowhead showing the items available to purchase from a certain vendor in Moonglade.  Three robes are sold across Azeroth, and three are rare limited supply items.

Limited supply items are those which are not constantly available for purchase from the vendor.  Their spawn times vary.


All three of the rare robes sell for more than their purchase price, with the Formal Dangui the rarest of them all. Reports of months of waiting for spawn of this robe are common.

No More Camping

You can cut down on that camping time by checking all the servers, not just your own, using cross-realm assist.




I picked up both of the hanboks but no sign of a Dangui.

You would have to be very lucky or very persistent to pick up a Formal Dangui, but there are many other limited supply items available in game.  Right next to the dangui vendor is a male night elf who sells Pattern: Runecloth Robe and others.



Other Camping /Farming Spots

A bit bored of camping the vendors in Moonglade, I went to Winterspring (see my Winterspring farming guide here) and I picked up more limited supply items.



I tried it with other limited supply vendors I knew
And put them up on the Auction House for sale.




Here comes the tweetable

[bctt tweet=”I’m in your realm, stealing your rare items muhahaha”]

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