What is the Copper Rod Squad

A group of world of warcraft players who laugh with each other about selling vendor-bought items at higher prices on the WoW Auction house.

This is known as flipping, or buy low sell high.

When you buy from a vendor, it’s buy extremely low, sell high enough to have a laugh.

It’s enough to make you a few gold, hundreds rather than thousands unless you’re determined to make a career out of it.

[box type=”info”] It’s a great way to start off making gold if you are either a new player or created a new character on a new server/realm. [/box]


Wooden Stock


Heavy Stock




Joining the Copper Rod Squad


Vanishing Powder


Selling Coal


Rune Thread



How to join the Copper Rod Squad

You can join too.  Search for #CopperRodSquad on twitter to see our latest laughs.

[box type=”bio”] I’m @thegoldqueen on twitter[/box]

We’ve sold:

Copper Rods, Coal, Salt, Parchment, Dyes, Salt, Wooden Stock, Fishing Poles, Mining Pick, Dust of Disappearance, Jeweler’s Kit, Strong and Weak Flux, Blacksmith Hammer and more

Cryan, one of the guys involved in Trade Skill Master, kindly offered me his list of vendor saleables, but honestly, most things will sell at some point.  Just have fun with it. 


Grab some vendor items, post them on AH, and let me know what sells.

twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making

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10 replies
  1. Arascain
    Arascain says:

    As Far as Iwas awaree Goldqueen was it not a streamer on twitch tv that started the Copper Rod Squad called Juniordeboss i would have tought you could have at least give hime the credit he deserves

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi Arascain, yes Junior on twitch does use #CopperRodSquad, incidentally after I coined the phrase in his chat. However, no he didn’t invent this method, neither did I, and the “squad” is “A group of world of warcraft players who laugh with each other about selling vendor-bought items at higher prices on the WoW Auction house” just as I mentioned in the first paragraph. He does read, and he does approve of this blog post. I don’t own the trademark to “copperrodquad” even after coining it, and neither does anyone else. Its just a fun name for a squad of players.

      I’m secretly thrilled that he chose to use it out of the number of fun phrases we all offered in his chat stream when we were first started talking about copper rods selling.

      • Cat
        Cat says:

        Basically meaning anyone can use it. Its not copyrighted, so if I wanted to…I could post about it on my blog (I probably wont sincne my blog is about guilds…and running successful ones…but just using it as an example)

  2. Cat
    Cat says:

    And of course, I go to check to see if anything else has sold….350 more gold comes back 🙂 yay! I so missed your tips….So happy your back 🙂

      • Cat
        Cat says:

        That was all the dyes 🙂 I just bought as much as I could of each different color and just put them up there letting my TSM & Auctioneer work together….and they all came back as being sold with all them (about 200 total of each color dye possible) I pulled 350g out of those alone.

  3. Cat
    Cat says:

    I grabbed all the times you mentioned here 🙂 and they all sold, in the end I ended up with 858g coming back to me from this list alone 🙂

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      There are so many more silly flips you can do with vendor items. I hope you have fun with it!

      That’s a nice little earner you have there.

  4. Cat
    Cat says:

    personally, I have seen this as an effective way of selling, partly because people don’t usually go online to find out where they can get items, such as vendor bought pets. Or stuff like the copper rod, you buy it for merely pocket change and can easily triple your gold from it because people just are too lazy to find it themselves. Very nice topic & I like how you touched on it

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Thanks for coming to comment. I wanted to add that it’s very topical at the moment in the Twitch gold making streams, and we are all having a lot of *fun* with this.

      Fun aside, though, its great starter gold, or as a side market.

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