Cataclysm snatch list
Building your Cataclysm Snatch List

What is a Snatch List

A Snatch List is also known as a rares list, a grab list, cheap deals list, a deal finder, or simply as buy low sell high.


You can set up a snatch list either automatically or by hand. When it is made by hand, either using a world of warcraft addon such as auctionator, it is called a Shopping List. When you also scribble down notes of items to buy and their cheap prices on your notepad, that is also the beginnings of your snatch list. Most WoW players who use the Auction House to make gold already have at least a rudimentary basic snatch list.

Your Snatch List is a reminder, or an automatic AH grabber, of all the items you want to buy, and the prices you are willing to pay.

How to Make a Snatch List for Cataclysm

The addons that have a snatch list ability, some automated some you need to check for yourself, are:

Norgannon’s Auctioneer. This is the most well known of Snatch Lists. Video guide at WoW Confidential’s Auctioneer Snatch List Tutorial.

Auctionator. These are called Shopping lists. You need to click them yourself. The great thing about Shopping Lists is that you can compare the prices of all the items on the shopping list in one place. Learn more at the Official Auctionator guide.

Trade Skill Master. It is called Deal Finder. Zoxy’s excellent blog covers everything you need to know about how to flip with your snatch list.


Items to Snatch from your List

This is a list only for Cataclysm items. I recommend that you also snatch items from World of Warcraft original, the Burning Crusade, and from Wrath of the Lich King. As the top players move from WOTLK to Cata, the availability of items from WOTLK and Northrend are falling, pushing up the price of old items.

Trade Items to add to Cataclysm Snatch List
  • Metals Obsidium Ore, Elementium ore, Pyrite Ore, also bars.
  • Herbs Cinderbloom, Stormvine, Azshara’s Veil, Heartblossom, Whiptail, Twilight Jasmine
  • Cloth Embersilk Cloth
  • Leather: Savage Leather
  • Elements Volatile Life, Volatile Earth, Volatile Water, Volatile Air, Volatile Fire.
Rare Items to add to Cataclysm Snatch List

Populating your snatchlist using wowhead
You can use the WoWhead links button to link an item in WoW into your chat screen then click it move it to your Auctioneer snatch list.

Joystiq / WoW Insider has a great tutorial on using Auctioneer snatch lists.

How to Snatch in Realtime
Realtime searching is a powerful tool for advanced auction house players. With a realtime search, you can grab cheap items instantly as they are posted onto Auction House. There is a tutorial on how to use your new snatch list with a realtime search at WoW Confidential (my affiliate link: WoW Schools )

Help! What items have I missed from the Snatch List?
Are there any other great ways to use a snatch list??

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