Using the Professions of your Guild Mates

Yoni illustrated the Obsidium and Elementium shuffle at Just My Two Copper with a nice graphic that shows how you move your ore from raw, to gem, to jewellery, disenchanted to make mats for enchants, etc.  However, I think that the majority of players do not have every single profession maxed out on an alt, and this is where your guild mates can help. Not everyone has their own mini guild of alts.

I didn’t have so many alts with maxed professions either, until Wrath of the Lich King.  Back in The Burning Crusade, I would ask my guild members “please can you disenchant this for me?” or “sweet armor, can you make me some too? I have the mats!”

Nothing wrong with getting professional help from your guildies, and it’s a legitimate strategy to work together to get gold.  If you have a bag full of green armor that you picked up whilst grinding or farming, for example, then ask one of your guild mates to disenchant the pieces you think you can’t sell.   If you’re a miner, you could either sell the ore on the auction house, or again ask a guild friend to prospect it for you.

Offer your guild friend some money or a share of the mats in thanks for his work.  Don’t take advantage of him.  Then he’ll be happy to help you out again next time.

Don’t forget your lockboxes.  Have you got a rogue friend who always helps you unlock your lockboxes?

TIP Keep your eyes open to guild chat, and see which patterns your guild have acquired recently, and which they can help you with.


Your guildies can be your eyes, ears, and nose

Extra hands

If you need any mats farmed, ask your guild mates first.  They may be happy to take your gold!  Just speak in guild chat and let your friends know that you are looking to buy, and would prefer to give the gold in payment to a guildie than to another player.

Extra Eyes and Ears

Check your guild roster, and there will often be another player in a capital city. They may be happy to check the Auction House for you, to check the prices of items you want to sell, or to see if there are many competitors.   There’s an addon that can show you trade chat whilst you are out of the city (can someone tell me the name please?) but there’s nothing like the eyes and ears network of your guildmates.  For example, your guild mate might have a friend in another guild who has a rare BoE Epic armor to sell, and would prefer to sell it to a friend or friend-of-a-friend instead of through the impersonal auction house.

Extra Nose

Admit it, do you read every line of every patch notes and every blue that’s posted on the forum? Unless you’re a hard core raider, more obsessed with WoW than me, or are working for MMO-Champion or Curse, I think you’ll have to join me in admitting I haven’t read everything.  Here is where your guild mates can be your nose for you.  When you read in guild chat “how much pyrite ore have you stockpiled for 4.3?” that would be your cue to pop your nose over the parapet and enquire why they’re stockpiling pyrite, and at what price, and why, and find out their sources.  Lovely guildies.

An Entire Extra Body!


Your guild mates can be of mutual assistance to you. Offer to tank or heal an instance for them with your alt or offspec, and for them to give you the same favour in return.  Could you even fit in twice the number of heroic dungeon instances in the time you would normally take queuing and dpsing for one?  That’s double gold, double loot, double shards and crystals.


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  1. Uriul
    Uriul says:

    Trade chat… everywhere? That’s a frightening thought. Turning off trade chat is the first thing I do every time a new character gets to a city, I think having it everywhere would drive me insane. (I’m one of the people who gets annoyed by idiocy in trade chat, rather than finding it lulzy.)

    Your guild can definitely be a resource, although I just like being self-sufficient so have at least one of every craft.

    However, I’d never pay a guildie to farm for me – at least not crafting mats – since if I have a farmer the purpose (for me) is that I can pay them less than the market value of the goods. There’s not much reason to do that kind of farming if you’re doing it legitimately, you’re better off selling your stuff on the AH. It’d feel like I was taking advantage of my guildmate…

    I did ask for help farming junkboxes for Ravenholdt rep though, since my rogue was too low level to do it myself at first, and rewarded the person who helped me out with a set of 4 Illusionary Bags (her bags were always filling up quickly while she was farming them).

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