Blood, Gold and Regret

Shipyard Mission

“The New Blingtron’s Vault”

Shipyard mission updated in 6.2.1 PTR notes.

Blood, Gold, and Regret
“Seizing a fortune proved this destroyer’s undoing. Its crew turned on each other, only to become cursed ghosts, unable to spend the gold they gave their lives for.”

Now rewards 2,000g, up from 325g


Ghost Crew

To counter the ghost crew, you need a Ghostly Spyglass.

The Equipment Blueprint: Ghostly Spyglass is now a guaranteed drop as of July 8th, 2015. from Captain Ironbeard, rare mob in Tanaan Jungle.

I found Captain Ironbeard using the Master Hunter’s Seeking Crystal, which costs 4,500g, plus requires Order of the Awakened – Revered, plus the original Hunter’s Seeking Crystal.

Captain Ironbeard Cave Entrance : 37.5,76.0 Rare: 35.6,79.9


Other increased Gold Rewards from Shipyard Missions

If a Tree Falls in the Forest
700g, up from 100g.

A Ship in Harbor Is Safe, But…
700g up from 100g.

False Economy
750g up from 100g

Glittering Prize
500g up from 100g

Gold in Their Holds
750g up from 250g

Unafraid of Ghosts
800g, up from 450g

Warspear Fishing
325g, up from 100g



Dwarven Crew

Increases the gold gained from a mission by 100%.

Goblin Crew

Increases the gold gained from a mission by 100%.

These two ship crews increase the gold from Shipyard Missions.  You can only get this with a new built ship.  “If you don’t have a ship with these crews, you may want to decommission an existing ship and rebuild until you get one in order to improve your chances.”


Look for a Destroyer with either a Dwarven or Goblin Crew, and equip a Ghostly Spyglass


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