Hey everyone, I have a tip for you today from a reader, Florian, that I received through email.  I’ll let him explain it to you.  (Now it’s *me* being the lazy one, eh? hehe)


Hello Goldqueen, a frequent reader of your blog here. I maybe have a nice hint for all your readers which you might want to post?
With the new Zandalaari Heroic Instances, everybody needs itemlevel-gear.

I am currently making huge amounts of gold with my method.

I craft 4-6 epic (of each profession) blacksmithing/leatherworking belts every day, basicially these recipes:

  • Corded Viper Belt
  • Hardened Elementium Girdle
  • Elementium Girdle of Pain

The material costs for these items vary, but depending on the auction house prices on your individual server, you should do 1500-2500g profit per belt!

AND you don’t have to be a blacksmith/leatherworker to do this, I’m simply looking for somebody in the tradechat offering 200g per orb and 50g tip.

Best Regards, Florian

Thank you Florian, it’s something we can all look into!

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  1. The Gold Queen
    The Gold Queen says:

    I’m trying these out myself, their selling prices are still high in the AH but I’m not sure how fast they will sell.

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