In Battle for Azeroth The Herbs Farm You

Anchor Weed.

It’s worth a fortune and the supply is very low and will not get better before raids release on 5th September.

It can proc from Sea Stalk spawns, and from Winter’s Kiss spawns.  In other words, around the sea shore/coast, and up in the snowy mountains.


To use this farming guide you will need the LookingForGroup addon.

You will benefit from having access to the Patreon-only Gathermate2 herbalism maps, but it’s not essential

I’m also using my druid in moonkin spec. I find a stealthed druid does not get noticed as much by other players when they’re realm hopping.

Druid for travel form.

Wild Charge for running away in travel form when you get dazed / attacked.

Night elf for /cast Shadowmeld and dropping agro.

Resto affinity for healing up when you get smacked.

Typhoon for blowing mobs away from you as you run to the next farm spot.

Also for Dash in catform.

This is a “get off me, I’m out of here!” Moonkin Balance farming spec.


Other things that can help: 

Darkmoon Firewater, for faster gathering.

Gloves Enchants are also pretty cheap right now


Anchor Weed Farming Spot

If you park your character here in Drustvar, you can see at least 20 Winter’s Kiss spawn spots, and each of these has a chance to proc as an Anchor Weed herb.

But 20 potential spawn points isn’t enough for me, I want unlimited anchorweed!  So if my own server isn’t enough, I’ll have to hop to the other servers instead.

This isn’t easy now that Server Hop addon and Cross Realm Assist addons are dead, but there is a way with the Looking for Group addon.


Looking for Group addon

I’m still learning how this addon works, but for now, you can use it to jump from group to group.  That’s another reason why I chose Drustvar for this guide: there’s very often a big group farming Stone Golem. A nice big group is good, so you don’t get spotted and added to an erroneous black list.


Open by typing /lfg or left-click LFG minimap button to open LFG

In the ‘Cross Realm’ window, choose default settings and just click Search

You’ll get something like this

Choose a server, make a mental note of the server name (so you don’t choose it again for the next few minutes), and Sign Up

You will be transfered to another server.

Check your minimap for new gold spots!

Run around and collect the herbs.

If you get aggro, use your Wild Charge in travel form to leap away quickly. Use shadowmeld to drop aggro quickly.

Then pop back into catform prowl before jumping to the next realm. That’s just in case when you pop on the next server there are Chillfur Yetis within aggro range, ouch.

Right click your portrait to leave group and then Search Again with LFG addon


You do not need to move.  You do not need to run to the herbs.

The herbs come to you.

The herbs come to you.

The herbs come to you.


The herbs come to you.



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    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      This isn’t an exploit. It’s using what warcraft wants us to use.
      But morally, are you helping or hindering these guys? Neither.
      What can you do, morally? Keep out the way, not harm anyone, do your best, be kind.

    • Gold Dragon
      Gold Dragon says:

      I wouldn’t be too worried about getting suspended for the use of an addon.
      Gathermate2 is a well known addon and isn’t considered an exploit.

      Something such as multiple farming of a WQ mob or trying to break a WQ to get more loot etc.

      Farming herbs will always be fine as long as your not using a bot to do it.

      Thanks for the reply

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