Battered Hilt was a big seller quest-starter item towards the end of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It started a quest line which gave an epic ilevel 251 weapon as completion reward.

The Undermine Journal lists current prices between 500g and 60,000g per Battered Hilt, I would suggest starting at 30,000g, or lower if you have a slower or less wealthy overall server) and lowering your price gradually over time. You will need to advertise your Battered Hilt in trade channel as it’s not something that most Auction House players routinely search for. Remind your potential buyers that this gives a 10 point achievement The Sword in the Skull.

Battered Hilt drops from trash mobs in the Heroic 5 man Dungeons in Icecrown: Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection. If you ran these dungeons when they were first released, you might not be too eager to return to those dungeons in a hurry, especially if you ever tanked Halls of Reflection with a half-asleep pick up group of randoms. However, for the braver adventurer, the trash is now easy enough to solo farm. I’d recommend starting with Pit of Saron trash if you are comfortable with interupts and AoE spells, or Forge of Souls if you prefer crowd control and distance pulls.

Vanquished14 says at
“Well, since this is never on the US-Medivh Auction House, I decided I’d try to farm for it. Here’s my farming calculations. It appears there are a total of 48 mobs per Pit of Saron clear able to drop the Battered Hilt (assuming all elite trash mobs can drop it). The drop rate on the hilt is not 100% clear but, if you add up all the drops/kills of mobs listed on Wowhead, it appears the average you get is about a 1/1666 drop rate. This means, on average, you’ll see one Battered Hilt drop every 35 full Pit of Saron trash clears. Going further, each Pit of Saron clear took me about 20 minutes (casual pace). This averages about 12 hours of trash farming before you will see a Battered Hilt drop. Quite a time consuming achievement if you solo farm for it.

EDIT: Dropped on Run 11 for me. I also had Ghostly Wristwraps drop on Run 8 and Run 9 and had Seven-Fingered Claws drop on Run 4. Perhaps the drop rates have been increased since the last time Wowhead data was reset.

Good luck farming for Battered Hilt on your server.


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    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      Yikes, hell no! This is one of those “hey I’m bored and I’m in Dalaran, I think I’ll pop over to Pit of Saron, just in case” moments

  1. the gold queen
    the gold queen says:

    I’d recommend starting with Pit of Saron trash if you are comfortable with interupts and AoE spells, or Pit of Saron if you prefer crowd control and distance pulls.

    Second pit of saron should read forge of souls. Hate being away from home and unable to edit!

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