Have you tried taking advantage of your opposite faction?

Horde < > Alliance Arbitrage

You can buy things from the opposite faction by looking through the neutral auction houses in Booty Bay, Gadgetzan and Everlook.  At the same time, you can also sell things to the opposite faction. This makes good sense for faction-only items like White Kitten and Black Tabby Cat.  The faction specific horde and alliance lunar festival pets are good items to swap to the opposite faction for better prices on their auction houses.

If you have two accounts, or if you only have one account and are willing to sweet-talk a friend or guild mate into helping, you can move items from one faction to another almost instantly.  You list your item at the neutral AH and your 2nd account/friend buys your sale immediately.

The Advanced Gold Gamer takes advantage of this by watching the neutral AH for items at very low cost which are being moved across unattended. Many a new gold maker has had their item sniped by another player whilst they’re trying to move something into the other faction.

The Consortium published a guide on sniping and preventing sniping across the neutral AH.

As well as getting involved in arbitrage, where you move items through the neutral auction houses to the other faction, you can really easily take advantage of differences in population sizes.

Horde / Alliance Sizes Differences

My main server has a huge faction imbalance.  The larger faction farming areas are absolutely crammed with players, whilst the opposite faction areas are ghost towns.  At seasonal festivals, such as Noble Garden, its easier to farm the starting areas of the opposite side.  Horde, try hunting eggs around Goldshire.  Alliance, head to Mulgore for your Noble Garden easter egg hunt.

With imbalanced faction sizes, demand for the smaller faction items will be strong.  The item will be less plentiful to obtain, needing the auction house, and the number of potential buyers will be nice and high.

How do you take advantage of your opposite faction in your gold gaming?

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