One of the members of our old forum, “Doc” posted a nice little “beginners guide” back in April 2011. With permission, I’m offering you the first part of his world of warcraft gold tip.

Absolute Beginners Guide

How to make gold in World of Warcraft

It’s no “big secret.” It’s not even hard. Anyone can do it. And it’s guaranteed to work.

If you’re brand new to World of Warcraft, or even if you’re just starting on a new server and want to have some gold to be able to buy mounts and skills as you level up, hey, even buy that wonderful item you’ve heard about for so long but is always too expensive. Here’s the simplest and oldest trick to “gold farming” there is, and it’s worked since WoW was released.

  • At level 5, goto the “Profession Trainer” which is one of the first people you see in the first town just outside the starter area.
  • Right click on him or her, and “ask about gathering professions”
  • then “ask about Mining” and “Learn mining.”
  • Then, Ask about Gathering“, Skinning” and “Learn Skinning”
  • Then goto the vendor right next to the trainer
  • Buy a Mining Pick and a Skinning Knife.

There. You’ve just made your first step onto the road of making gold on a new server.

Now… just pick up all the quests you can, and go do them. Watch the gold spot/ blinky in the minimap signifying nearby ores, and mine all of them. And skin all the animals you kill.

Now you’ve completed all the quests, go back to the town. I personally sell “Leather scraps” to the vendor, as it’ll just take too much time and effort for a leatherworker to stitch them together to make a Light Leather. Go to the Inn, and logout.


Create a new toon.

If you’re Horde, create a Blood Elf of any class. Doesn’t matter. For Alliance, create a Human. Again, any class. EXCEPT Death Knight, because the idea is that you’ll just park this toon in either Silvermoon or Stormwind anyways, and you can’t do that with a Death Knight untill you’ve completed all the starterquests for them.
Log into this newly created character, and simply run to either Silvermoon City (Blood Elf aka Belf and Horde) or Stormwind (Human and Alliance) and check the auction house for the prices of beginner’s herbs, ore and leather.

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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