Why 12,000g per hour is absolute, er, rubbish.

Recently I posted how you can “make 12,000g per hour in Shadowmoon Valley“.  Today I’m here to tell you that this is a load of boll*cks.  Why is that?


1) Drop rate is dependant on RNG.  You will not get the same number as me, and I won’t get the same amount as someone else.  It’s random.  You can only guesstimate a rough figure based on how fast you kill and how long you farm for.

2) Sell rate is dependant on buyers.  Buyers don’t want the item? It won’t sell.

3) Sell rate is despendant on competitors.  Someone is selling the item cheaper than you?  Buyers will take that one instead of yours.

4) Potential price is based on demand and on scarcity. 


What is scarcity

Scarcity in Warcraft can be either because the item drops rarely, the materials needed to craft the item are rare or costly, or because a player is too lazy to go farm it himself.





Demand in Warcraft can be because of item use, such as flasks or gems or enchants, which make it valuable.  Or simply for the cool factor, such as swift spectral tiger mounts or transmog gear.


Image from http://www.english-online.at/economy/capitalism/capitalism-supply-and-demand.gif

Image from http://www.english-online.at/economy/capitalism/capitalism-supply-and-demand.gif


Perceived scarcity

This is not a term I have conjured up myself, but I  use it a lot to describe the way you can make your potential customers believe that there are fewer items available than there really are.

Increased scarcity (ie decreased supply) is increased prices.  The easiest way to create perceived scarcity is to hold the item back in your bags/bank instead of displaying it in the Auction House.


YouTube How To Make Gold Per Hour – videos are all bullpoop

Imagine a scenario for me.  You go to Ahn Quiraj 20 man raid, and in the first 5 minutes, you’re extremely lucky and 2 Glorious Legplates drop. You rush to the Auction House and your buyers are magically desperate to buy the leggings immediately, so you sell them both for 10,000g each.  It takes you ten minutes.  That’s 10,000×2 in ten minutes = 120,000g per hour.  Quickly you process your video and put it on Youtube. “120,000g per hour, ten hours farming 1,200,000g a day”  You add some SEO terms and more lovely clickbait.  Soon, thousands of viewers arrive at your YouTube video, you monetise, you’re raking in real dollars from google for advertising. And everything in the video is “true” and can be seen “live” on camera.

Have you forgotten something? Is my bullpoop detector on red alert? Is my ethical red flag waving? Raking in $$$ for misleading claims?

gold coins

gold coins

Well, here is the no-bullpoop guide on how to truly get your 12,000g per hour. And it wont cost you $1.

How to get your 12,000g “per hour”.

So in order to get your 12,000g, you need to do several things

1) Mix up the items you are selling.  100 pet Zomstroks on the AH at 5,000g? Can we just take a moment to giggle here. Sell one Zomstrok, and a thousand other different things.

2) Create Perceived Scarcity to keep your prices high.

3) Cut down on your wasted time. Travel fast. Use TSM to post fast.

4) Did I mention mix it up?  Farm other places.  Sell other things.  Craft things. Do your garrisons.  Do LFR. Offer services.


Hope that helps! I realise all this takes some time and organisational skills. That’s why I wrote the Daily Gold Cheat Sheet so you can check that you’ve done everything in your mix. You can grab that free by signing up to receive all these blog posts by email instead of having to check my website 3 times a week.

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