Hello if you have just started reading the Gold Queen.com!

Let’s talk about you. I know you’re not a nub.
You’ve played world of warcraft, you’ve made 20,000g in WOTLK, you’ve maybe killed the Lich King, you’ve got a few alts, you know some sweet herb or ore mining spots. You know how to download addons, you only buy cheap stuff from the AH, you’re careful with your gold.
Now Cataclysm has hit and gold is literally tumbling into your pockets, you made thousands from levelling alone, and you’ve got your first character to 85, working on some alts, looking at your professions, and you’re wondering why you can’t get over 100,000g. As fast as you gain it from selling your raw mats in AH, advertising your enchants on /trade or running pugs for BoE epics, gold is trickling from your pockets too. Expensive gems, raw materials for crafted items, enchants, and the price of flasks has only just come down so you can afford more than one a night!
There’s someone in your guild, or a friend of a friend, who apparently has more money than a GM, all the mounts, including the Vial of the Sands, always has spare flasks, and when you ask them how they did it, they lol and brag about lucky drops or tell you a confusing or seemingly time-consuming strategy. You know it will never work for you, unless you put in a whole lot of research, time and effort. Ugh, no thanks.

I’m that person in your guild. I’ve spent the last year or two hearing “how much do you have?” or “how can I make that much, can you teach me?” and my answer was yes, I’d be happy to tell you, as long as you don’t come and undercut all my brilliant inferno rubies in AH, lol. The problem was that I didn’t have the time to tell all the people who wanted my advice, and when new ideas, content or addons came out, I couldn’t keep them all up to date. In 2010, I became very well known as a gold-maker, the richest person on my server, and the person to come to if you wanted gems crafted, or a good deal on rare items, flasks, or so. Whisperers, friends and strangers, would always ask me how I did it and when I told them or gave them tips or ideas they demanded that I write a blog or a gold-making guide.

That’s what TheGoldQueen.com is.
lj-wow-gnomedance3Let me just introduce myself for a moment, I’ll be brief. I have 7 level 80+s spanning 3 different servers in the EU. I’ve been playing in a top raid guild since Spring 2006, with over 10,000 achievement points on my main, including Light of Dawn. Making gold since The Burning Crusade, I’m still searching for a way to measure it properly. I made 240k+ pure profit in one week last year. I love that I can buy anything I want, whenever I want.
I’m a nice girl, though, and I’m not selling you a thing. No charge for this blog, no gold making guide for $$$ per month. Nada.
What would I like from you in return for me spilling my warcraft gold making secrets? Well, if you ever want to buy a gold guide, use my links, I might earn a few pennies from the affiliates links. Best of all though: leave me your comments and questions on my posts.
Take care, happy gaming,