War mode was introduced in World of Warcraft:  Battle for Azeroth as a replacement for PVP servers.
This new mode allowed players to participate in World PVP when they wanted too and not be forced
to world PVP.

The Basics of War Mode

War mode allows players to attack other players from the opposite faction.   War mode adds the PVP flavor without requiring players to always participate which happened on PVP centric servers.

War mode also adds different ways of profiting from participating in this new mode of play.

To toggle war-mode,  a player goes to their major home city (Orgrimmar/Stormwind) then goes to talents portion of their character sheet.
on the far left can be seen the toggle for war-mode as well as different PVP talents that are only activated during this mode.



War mode also has some specific benefits in gold making.   Warmode opens up new frontiers as well as
offers bonuses for remaining in PVP mode while venturing out into the world.

Five Ways to Profit from War Mode

1.     10% bonus to war resources

War resources are important when starting quests at your mission table.    Each of these mission table can net
reputation tokens,  pet charms and gold.

War resources are also used to train troops to help with your table missions


2.    10% to bonus gold


World quests during the Legion expansion became a very lucrative way of making gold in quick bursts.   Battle for Azeroth is no different.  As the difficulty increases so does the gold rewards.

Warmode offers a 10% bonus to all gold missions.  Also included is a bonus to gold dropped from monster kills as well.


3.    PVP caches



In random areas across the different zones,  PVP chests will drop.  These can contain high level gear,  resources and gold as well as other items.  Once the zone is notified that a chest has been dropped there is mad dash for players to reach these chests to loot them.


4.   Zone Sharding And ‘Bonus’ Resource Gathering



New technology was introduced in the Mists of Pandaria expansion that would allow players to be in the same area but be placed in different ‘shards’.  This originally was used for content creation but has expanded with the introduction of war-mode.

War-mode places a player in a different shard with other players in war mode.   On many servers this lessens the competition for resources as players look to run set routes they have uncovered.

Skinning and Herbalist routes can become much more profitable with less competition.  There is a certain amount of challenge presented when being able to be attacked but the risks can outweight the rewards when less gathering competition is involved.



5.  10% Bonus Azerite Power



Where bonus azerite doesn’t specifically affect gold making,  it can give you better abilities and make mob farming and survivability when finishing up quests.

Many of the 2nd and 3rd level traits on high gear are built to increase health regeneration as well as defense capabilities.  Some of these traits also include speed boosts after killing mobs.  Faster kills and movement allow players to farm faster between nodes for mining and Herbalism.

Boosts of speed allow players to get to their skinning targets and move onto the next mob.  More resource gathering means more production or sales.

Profiting From Warmode

War-mode is a fun and inviting way of playing World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.  It opens up new gold making opportunities as well as adventure in an ever increasing and active gaming world.

Good Luck and Good War-mode Profit Hunting

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