This song is so funny, I love it!  And I know you’re going to recognize yourself in the lyrics!

The Auction House song by Brad B
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While I’m still online
I’ll scan just one more time
To make sure no one else has me undercut

I am one of those
Obsessive auctioneers
Just watching for the best deals on the market

Sometimes I buy out everything
And then repost in stacks of three
My bank is filling up
But I can’t get enough
Oh I’m addicted to the Auction House

I did a bunch of quests
The rewards were not the best
I just don’t get all the gold that I want

I went to a raid
Spent hours of my day
Just racking up a massive repair bill

But when I buy and sell like this
I’m making gold hand over fist
It all keeps piling up
I think I’ll double up
Oh I’m addicted to the Auction House

Trading from my phone
So I’ll never be out-bid

Click to download the mp3