Patch 5.04 and Patch 5.1

Patch 5.04 has hit the servers, and there is a mounting excitement in the Auction Houses.

Items which have held their value all through Cataclysm are starting to slip.

I’m seeing lowered prices for

  • Truegold
  • Cut and Raw Epic Gems:
  • Queen’s Garnet
  • Shadow Spinel
  • Lava Coral
  • Lightstone
  • Elven Peridot
  • Deepholm Iolite
  • Transmog items which used to sell for 5,000g now selling for 2000g instead
  • Enchantment scroll prices have plummeted
  • Cloth, due to AoE looting

Increasing prices

  • Increased and sustained demand for Battle Pets.
Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina Proudmoore, TCG

Gold Queen Blog News

The Gold Queen blog has been very quiet for the last two months.  I haven’t forgotten you!

July-August Summer Vacation

I’ve had my children home on school holidays.  My children are aged 12 1/2 (allowed to play WoW without his school pursing their lips at my degenerate mothering skillz) and I have a 8 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder who is allowed to play WoW occasionally as long as I’m there watching and has his guild invite privs removed.  I haven’t had as much time to blog or to play WoW as I would have liked, 12 hours a day, please!

Gold Guides For Sale

The Pet Shop Guide was withdrawn for sale, so I can work on making it into a larger Battle Pets guide.  You can still purchase the Teen Gold Guide, which is the starter guide, mostly for players with little time.

Gold Guide

I’ve been writing a Gold Guide for the last 18 months. I’m crap at promotion though, so you’ll just have to wait until it’s finished if you want to know more about it! Let’s just say I’ve been working my socks off until 4am many nights this year.  *sleepyface*


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Matojo helps me sort through our enormous mail bag!  I’m lucky to have her help.

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3 replies
  1. turptio
    turptio says:

    truegold’s cooldown was removed, it’s price should fall to material cost (getting lower every day) until people stop making them.

  2. Kabang
    Kabang says:

    Pet prices on my realm are low still, it’s only in the last couple of days that they have started to nose up a bit. I’m hoping it’s the calm before the storm as I’ve stockpiled a fair amount of midrange non-vendor pets in preparation for MoP (no more than I should be able to get rid of eventually, though).
    Moggle sales are consistently very random for me, and I rarely sell anything over 500g. And the glyph market has basically nose-dived to the point where most glyphs are under 50g and a frightening amount are less than 10g. Really ready for MoP to come and shake things up.

    (<3 to your 8 year old, I'm glad he's got diagnosed early – I got my Asperger diagnosis at 18.)

    • Marshal Case
      Marshal Case says:

      I’ve noticed the same thing on my server. You’ll be lucky to sell a transmog item for over 3-400g on my server right now. If I get really lucky I can sell a glyph for about 100g, but most of the time the prices are consistently 10-20g (For the ones in high demand)

      Pet prices have definitely gone up enough for me to have consistent sales in that department. Gems are so random right now. +40 reds barely ever sell, and the +50 ones have been up and down by the hour. Sometimes they are running 2000g (and selling!) and then they drop to 700g and are still not being moved.

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