Oh dear.
Seems our little secret ore > gold shuffler has been spotted and just been broadcast to just about every WoW player.   Ore Crusher addon was just featured on MMO Champion website, making 5,000g per hour now available and obvious to the general warcraft population.  Whilst in itself, its great that so many people will profit from this, and there will therefore be more gold floating around on the servers, giving the players bigger and better spending power, it seems my (second) favourite late night activity is no longer viable. Expect to no longer find any cheap ore on your AH.

It’s put me on a kind of a downer today, especially as I logged on to find I had one solitary overnight sale as someone undercut me on every single one of my glyphs.

Perhaps its time to look at my other professions and diversify!  Any recommendations for a grumpy Gold Queen?


Edit 15th February 2011: More about Ore Crusher updates here

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