Here is what happens when Warcraft players decide to help a single mom afford her game subscription.

I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.


Here’s the full story from the beginning

A very few of you know that I was feeling under the weather the last few days.  Blue. Mopey. Since a certain event, I can get sudden forceful memories of traumatic events. which leave me hiding from the world for days at a time.  But if there’s one thing that will grab my attention, it’s someone who needs help, and helping someone make gold in World of Warcraft.

I met a friend a few years back on a facebook page where moms of kids with autism support each other. We help each other out.  Yesterday I saw the message from her:


In order to pay for IRL expenses, she had to stop her Warcraft Subscription.


Yet if she could make gold, she could buy a wow token and pay for her Warcraft sub with gold. And I know how to make gold. 2+2=

I climbed out of my deep dark hole of moping, and offered to roll on her US server, make some gold, and get her a wowtoken.

I had 48 hours to make 23k.

I was determined.

I would make her a wowtoken and I’d show her how to make gold at the same time, so she could do it herself.

I could even try and livestream it at so others could see how to make 23,000g on a level 1 toon.


I needed help. So then I turned to Twitter.

Hey, I said, I’m going to make a brand new US account, why don’t you join me?


The response was overwhelming.

Hundreds of messages of support on twitter.

60+ people came to watch on the livestream.

People rolled brand new level 1s on the server

We leveled together.

We mined, we picked herbs, we quested.

We went around and picked up items to sell.

We auctioned together.

People cheered us on with twitter and twitch chat.

My account was stuck in Starter Edition (it has since, finally, upgraded to Full Account, due to slow payment processing, ty paypal lol)



People started to donate gold.

I couldn’t trade at all, so Friends Ortinoth and Verbranden acted as “purses” holding the gold and giving it to the lady, letting her buy wowtokens from the AH.

We weren’t expecting donations at all, I had planned to have to make the 23k/wowtoken alone or with a bunch of people on the livestream.


[Click for the full size, un-retouched images]

The Full Video (it’s still uploading to YouTube, sorry!)

6 Hours later, and with some magic from donations, gold makers, our brand new accounts/characters on the US-Lightbringer (alliance side) had made over 420,000g for wowtokens for our Mum-in-need.

She was at turns AFK (dealing with irl, kids, house!) and overwhelmed with speechlessness at our efforts.



[box type=”info”] Yesterday’s Livestream was awesome for several reasons. That 1) we raised a lot of wowtokens for the lady in need, but 2) that we all pulled together to do it. I’m proud of the twitter warcraft community, I’m proud of the twitch wow community. Thank you to everyone who donated, whether that is gold, $$, items for sale, or just your time and support for the effort. Saturday & Sunday I will log in again to check how sales have gone, and to send MORE gold across. We raised 420,000g for wow tokens on US-Lightbringer for a single mom of a boy with autism. Warcraft is a major source of de-stressing for her. You helped her so much. ty[/box]

We raised over 420,000g in one evening on the US Servers!



People to thank

  • Everyone who watched on Twitch, especially new followers Frajcar, Rogue_Chief, Marcobian, BigHossVT, Kruisadar, 4chan_is_theBest, Kappa_123_Kappa_123, NicolaBalboa, Grummellol, Extracift, mckinnon81, roxiqt, Alex_Yuki, Woodobodoblo, TovarishSR, Fliasss, verbranden, Asmallcarrot (!), ElizibithicaBraska, horros27, SocoWow, Patchworkgirl, melaise, Sparkles92, Sharonm57 and regularjoeaussie.
  • Everyone who signal boosted on Twitter
  • Everyone who donated gold
  • Majeeko for the temporary loan of his Raidcall channel so people could chat and join in with voice on the livestream (Rqii, Verbranden, Senessence)
  • Everyone who donated real money (which was paypalled across to her!) Rqii & Sussebasse
  • And especially those people who planned to come and make gold by working on the AH and undertaking a gold-in-48-hours challenge with me.  We started farming and auctioning but were overwhelmed by donations!
  • DivineBubblePatchworkGrlOrtinothSencensePallyshureBroximar, Glampset, Hye, QTpop, Cuppasoup, Ruin, Malifix, KrisAhlman,



She was overwhelmed


I was proud


We had Retweets coming out of our ears



Biggest donation was from WOWPROFITZ 

Screenshot_31We also had MASSIVE donations from Ruin and Malifix who organise the 8/8 Challenge Mode Gold runs on US-Lightbringer



I will leave you with this response




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  1. paul
    paul says:

    crap 🙁 i cried Reading this. i have no kids with autism (i dont even have any kids) but it was the warm heart of everyone who helped her what made me cry. keep up the good work guys!!

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    This brought a tear to my eye. I also have an autistic son and often wow is the only socializing I get to experience. I am glad there are good wow players out there.

  3. Matojo
    Matojo says:

    Oh my gosh, that is a freaking amazing story! <3 So awesome to hear. I will have to sit down and run the video once I move house. When the community comes together, it does so in spades!

  4. Cat
    Cat says:

    Do you still need gold for her? I have an ally level 100 warl;ock on lightbringer, I am sure have some gold on her too 🙂

  5. Josh
    Josh says:

    I’m an admin for one of her WoW groups on Facebook. She told us the story and, well, I cried. lol You are an amazing, selfless individual, along with everyone else who participated. I have 2 autistic kids myself, so I definitely felt her stress. Thank you for helping one of our members!! This has to be the greatest story I’ve ever read from WoW!! She definitely deserves this and you guys are awesome for making it happen!!!

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Hi, I’d love to know if there were any other replies on the forum, as I’m not a member.

  6. Kwixxik Sparkpinch
    Kwixxik Sparkpinch says:

    This is a very beautiful thing that you guys pulled together for this person. I’m sure it will be a wonderful memory for her as long as she lives. You’ve made a true difference in someone’s life.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      I was simply the conduit to allow the awesomeness of the whole community to flow to her.

      We also had a really fun time and met some nice new friends

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