My name is Alyzande, I’m a 37 year old single mum living in Cambridge in the UK. Yes, Alyzande is my real name, I’m lucky to have such a lovely name, and the only one in the world. I have two young sons.

I’ve been playing WoW since its release, and started raiding in Zul Gurub and Molten Core. I have been playing the same main character, a night elf druid, since the day I started. I don’t tend to share her name because I’m not in a hurry to be trolled on my server. Since 2011, I’m a “casual”, it’s not easy to find time to play WoW, write a blog, and be two parents to my kids, so the hardcore raiding had to give.

It was after finishing Black Temple as a resto druid that I began to think I’ve done everything, I’ve completed everything in the game, and I re-specced as a feral druid and started getting into the Auction House gold making game. It was with some shock that I realised a few months later that I was one of the richest on the server. Since then, I’ve played hard, been one of the first to over 9,000 achievement on my server, despite not being interested in PvP, battlegrounds or arena. Crimson deathcharger, Armani warbear, ‘Light of Dawn’, blue dragonhawk mount all under my belt, although ‘The Immortal’ is one I haven’t chased yet.

I think it was in the middle of Wrath of the Lich King that my guild mates started asking for help with their gold making, followed by complete strangers on the server. I was happy to help because I was proud of being able to share. They kept telling me I should write a gold guide, although I laughed at the time, I eventually started this blog you’re reading called The Gold Queen, which is a joke name my eldest son gave me mummy you’re like the queen of gold making!

I love how the blog has taken off, and the number of people I’ve been able to help. I’ve also had some great fun on the members forum. It’s a closed membership but free to join for genuine WoW gold-game players. And now with the first of the new mini-guides taking off and becoming popular, the Pet Shop mini-guide, I’m stood in shock looking how far I’ve come. And you can come this far too, if you wish, because I’m writing this to show you just how normal I am, just another WoW player who got rich. Wanna get rich along with me? Email subscription is free, forum membership is free, mini-guides are super cheap.

In a few weeks I will be taking the big step of becoming a full-time blogger, making my blog my official job! Thank you for your support in this, it’s great to be able to support my family doing something I love. It’s gonna be a wild journey, are you coming along for the adventure with me?

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.


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  1. The Gold Queen
    The Gold Queen says:

    Hi, nice to meet you, I’ve been looking at your blog. Spanish I see! Where are you in the world?

  2. Toltec
    Toltec says:

    I didn’t think I could love you anymore than I already did. Thanks for sharing.
    ps I miss your voice (and accent)

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