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Start with Zero Gold

Why start with No Gold?

One idea for a brand new expansion is to start with zero gold.

After crushing it in The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, I challenged myself to start from near zero in Cataclysm.

To be completely honest, its party my own fault for purposefully buying myself a host of vanity items, rewards in a way.  And so I started Cata with 20-40k and the fear of god in me that I had disadvantaged myself.

Bulldog from Wiki Creative Commons

Bulldog from Wiki Creative Commons

I couldn’t afford the super expensive first days worth of farmed mats, and my own gatherers were alts far down my list of priorities.  So players with crafting professions had a head start on me, which sucked.  But I did have something they didn’t.  A bad case of serious English Stubbornness.


The Challenge for you?

If you think this challenge is for you, read back tomorrow on the ideas for giving your gold back to the other players.

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  1. Jinglz
    Jinglz says:

    I’ve been making gold (thanks to your guide & others!) – and ironically I have nothing to really spend it on before MoP. I’ve been hanging on to it ‘just in case’ something happens in the next expac and I need the gold. But in ways I miss the newness of starting fresh and struggling to get where you need to go. It teaches you a lot. And I know I can make it back if I tried. (Heck I wouldn’t give up my recipe farming for the world!) So I think I’m going to give this a go. 🙂 What a fresh idea!

  2. Toliman
    Toliman says:

    After getting the 100 pets achievement in anticipation, and rolling 2 more alts for the account-wide profession/race achievements, or at least placeholders for pandas in the future, I’ll be starting from scratch on horde and alliance toons, with a fresh perspective. Or at least a depleted bank account grinding for all those professions again.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      Please use the menu to scroll through the blog posts and find ones that are on the subjects which interest you.

  3. blimp
    blimp says:

    It would be excellent if there was some advice on how to get started from scratch again, because I spent almost all the gold I had and am down to around 30k now.

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