7am curse at alarm on Smart Phone. Dozily browse through twitter and email from overnight. Feed fake fish in fake aquarium. Grope around floor for Master of Puppets hoody.

8am Make lunch for children and chat to them about their plans for the day and mine. I’m fairly excitable by now.

8.30 Coffee is in cup. Postman delivers cd from amazon that I bought for my son. I open and put it in my pc. Spend ten minutes thrashing my hair around to rage against the machine and pretending I’m 21 again. Feel a bit ill so I package the cd back again and drink coffee. Decide to avoid washing last night’s dinner plates until later.

9.00 I’m compiling videos and editing articles for a joint venture with another guide writer who jokes, calling himself the gold king. I’m really excited about the project, not for the income opportunity, but because I feel very creative today. I love seeing the website filling up with content and arranging it all in the right way. I know that a lot of people are going to make a lot of gold from my work but also really enjoy working through the actual guide. Feel very pleased and proud of self. Make lots and lots of notes on pieces of paper which I will never find again.

11:00 Friend drags himself out of bed and logs on.We chat on Skype a while. He mentions that the EU servers have come up out of maintenance and I curse and scramble for the piece of paper on my desk where I have a half-written note about Coren Direbrew dropping 20g per person in a repeatable kill. The previous day, I had been farming him for a short while with 4 guild mates. Taking 30 seconds to kill, and adding another 30s for looting and re-queuing together, I work out we could make 12,000g per hour. After maintenance, though, he now drops 1g each, so I screw the paper up and throw it in / at the bin. I wonder what I should write about instead, and how many readers would roll their eyes and yawn if I wrote yet another guide to 4.3 transmogrification gold. Instead, I write maelstrom crystal shatter???? on a scrap of paper, which gets lost immediately in the Must Do Today pile, along with mail from TV Licensing and HM Revenue & Customs.

13:00 Realise that it’s 1pm and I haven’t done any work on the gold guide. Log on to Warcraft instead.

  • Repost glyphs
  • Cut gems. Buy an amberjewel from AH for 2 copper and boast about it to s-o-bf
  • Do cooking, JC and Molten Front dailies with main
  • Repost enchant scrolls
  • Repost pets. Get into discussion with guild member about Argent Tournament pet prices.
  • Count money and cackle to self in utter greed.
  • Stare at Spectral Tiger on AH for 700,000g and swear at the person who posted it. Refuse to pay 700,000g

14:59 Realise that I haven’t done any work on the gold guide and log off WoW in horror.

15:00 Run to school to pick up children. Whine at children about being bored, and drag them to town on the bus. Drag them around book shops, then feel bad and buy them toys to make up for it.

I notice a stall selling handbags that I like, then realise that they are the same hangbags that I had seen for sale at a wholesalers at 1 / 4 of the price. Wonder whether to get involved in some real-life “limited supply item flipping”, ie buying the bags wholesale and reselling them on ebay. Decide against doing so as I hate ebay, and am too lazy to package 100s of handbags and take them to the post office.

18:00 McDonalds. Healthy -.-

19:00 Get home, log on to WoW and pick up more gold. Bounce at guild mates. They complain that their main tank disappeared after tanking trash, because he got perma-banned by Blizzard for gold trading, despite protesting his innocence. I get very worried, because this guy doesn’t have half the amount of gold I do. Perhaps he really was trading gold for real money? Feel a tiny stab of envy that he had the balls to do it, and make up for this by loudly rebuking chinese gold farmers, and feel a bit better. They ask me to tank for them instead but I turn them down, as I have scheduled a meeting with the “Gold King” to talk about today’s progress with the new gold guide.

Their main tank logs back on after about half an hour, having had a discussion with Blizzard which involved him showing them his TSM Accounting logs to prove he wasn’t a gold farmer. Feel really guilty for suspecting him.

20:00 ish Force children to go to bed. Confiscate one Nintendo DS. Pick up one Rage Against the Machine CD from floor.

21:00 ish Realise I’m half an hour late for meeting with Gold King and log off WoW and start the conference software. Discover that he has had to leave, and feel really bad. Write him an apology and promise myself to work more on the gold guide tonight. Notice some emails saying one pet shop guide has sold, and I check that the guy has automatically received the guide. He has. He must like it, because he’s back soon afterwards to buy the Teen Guide. Feel super proud of myself until I remember that I missed the meeting. Make myself a coffee to cheer myself up.

22:00 Get REALLY worried about mailing my extra gold (I’m capped on main) over to a bank character, in case Blizzard want to perma-ban me too by accident. Distract myself by sending filthy messages to s-o-bf and become rather flustered.

00:00 Count more gold on WoW. Repost gems. Inferno rubies are selling like hot cakes because it’s after-raid time, on post-maintenance raid-nerf. Everyone has been raiding, except for me, and they all want gems and enchants. Roll around in gold coins in happiness.

01:00 Do Molten Front Dailies with alt. Queue for Coren Direbrew with alt. Sulk that I only get 1g from the kill. Check twitter and email. Feed fake fish on smart phone.

02:00 Realise the Auction House sales have slowed, and take my main for a flight around Eastern Kingdoms to do some Archaeology.

03:00 Take mobile phone to bed, read email. Hypocritically chastise Gimp on twitter for staying awake late and not going to bed. Chat with s-o-bf. Promise myself I’ll work harder on the blog and guide tomorrow.

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15 replies
  1. Joseph Douglas
    Joseph Douglas says:

    Okay, so in celebration of the amberjewel buy? was there a dance involved or just a little ha ha I scored
    this taunt to the sort of boyfriend?

    700,000 is someone looking for a home run. Spectral tiger or not. That’s just insane.
    I balk at 75,000 for the rare seahorse mount. Just seems wrong.

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      The spectral tiger deserves a whole blog post to itself!

      There was a little *woohoo* at the amberjewel. It got made into a necklace, as these are giving me more profits that the cut amberjewels.

  2. Skorpsy
    Skorpsy says:

    I rarely ever mail gold to my other toons unless they are new alts starting out. I keep each toon’s gold along with their buying and postings very distinctly separate so I can see at an altaholic glance which professions/toons are slacking on their gold performance.
    This is probably why it’s taking me so long to earn 1m on a single toon even though overall I have accumulated it across them, but no one toon has more than 650kish. Though I am guessing I am not the norm as everyone else I know seems to think this is odd of me to keep them all so separate. 🙂

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      No of course you are not odd. The gold game is a game within World of Warcraft that we play according to our own rules. And it’s making and following our own rules that gives us the most fun.

  3. Trimble
    Trimble says:

    I send all my gold to my guild bank without problom. If your worried ticket a gm before you do it to get confirmation on what your about to do

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      It’s the mailing-gold-to-alt so he can put it in the guildbank that worries me, as that was allegedly what caught out my guild mate.

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