Day of the Dead Gold Guide 2018



Day Of the Dead is an event that occurs starting November 1st through the 3rd

This event is built around the real world holiday of Day of the Dead where some religions honor their dead


Day of the Dead: The Questline


The event centers around visiting a local graveyard for your race and accepting a quest as you give offerings to your ancestors

Quest Requirements

Level 5 (minimum to get cooking skill needed for Bread of the Dead)
1 gold (to buy recipe needed and also materials needed plus flight if needed)


Day of the Day Quest:


To finish the quest easier make sure to go to a cooking trainer in a major city and pick up

1 simple flour (since you have to buy 5,  you can mail them to each of your alts to save a small amount)



Go to a local inn in a major city and pick up

1 Ice Cold Milk (again you buy these in stacks of 5 so send the extra to your alts)



While you are at this,  make sure that you have trained your cooking skill to level 1.
If you want to pick up a few levels you can buy the materials and make some extra.

The Graveyard that you need to visit is based on your race.


The Bread of the Dead is not able to be mailed or placed on the Auction House since it is a time limited item.

When you reach your designated Graveyard you will find a small bluish fire pit

Pro tip.  If you are level 10 you can die in your home city and then you will be sent to the graveyard faster.
   You are able to resurrect up to level 10 without any resurrection sickness penalty.



This is Ghostly Cooking Fire that is needed to produce one loaf of the Bread of the Dead.

Buy two things from Chapman who is the vendor for the Day of the Dead items and has the items you need.



Purchase a Bread of the Dead and a either a Orange Marigold or a Bouquet of the Orange Marigolds.

The Orange Marigold is a one use item while the Bouquet of the Orange Marigolds is a transmog item that
can be used during the event

One you have crafted your Bread of the Dead click on the Orange Marigold to bring out the spirits for the quest.



Now pick up the quest which is simply to give them a loaf of your Bread of the Dead



After you have given them the turn in




Enjoy you’re new pet



Advanced Gold Making Opportunities


This event is a good opportunity to get a lot of cageable pets that can be sold on the AH.

Ease of access means that there will be a large amount on the AH at any given time.

The goal is to raise the sale price of your pets during the event as well as after

Raising the Sale Price Of Your New Pet

Use a Flawless Battle stone to raise your pet to Rare Quality



Level your pet to Level 25 either via pet battles or using Pet Leveling stones

This can raise your asking price by 5x to 10x the normal price

Other Opportunities Of Making Gold During The Event

Selling Single Milk and Single Flour on the Auction House

Players many times do not remember where the simple cooking vendor is or choose to just buy items quickly from the Auction House

Pricing these 10 times the normal vendor price can bring in some gold into your account quickly.

Creating multiple low levels to finish the quest.

This is a more questionable method to making gold but it is an option.   Some may consider this taking advantage of the game.

You have multiple options of creating characters that can finish the questline quickly


–   Allied races start at level 20



–   Normally created characters can level to 5 quickly in their starting zones.




–   Death Knights start at level 55



Once you reach the point that you can use a flight path on the upper level you can quickly fly to the zone that you need to finish the questline
(Undead race is the quickest since you are not that far from the Undercity graveyard)

Once you have finished the questline you can decide whether to keep the character or delete it and start again.

Selling ‘rides’ and ‘portals’ to the different graveyards.

Some new players will have some difficulty reaching their graveyard. This is a prime opportunity to sell your abilities and escort them to where they want to go.

Charging 100g to 500g per ride can add up quickly.  If you are a mage, setting up portals to main cities can net a tidy profit


Celebrating Day of the Dead with Gold

The Day of the Dead event is an excellent opportunity to enjoy both the culture of the event as well as netting a profit both during and after the event.   So enjoy the days and break some bread with your game ancestors.


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