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Razer Naga MMORPG Mouse

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  1. One entry per person.
  2. Entrants age 18+
  3. Closing date for entries 26 April 2011 12.00 GMT
  4. You can get a second entry if you put a link to this competition on your website.  Just comment again with the URL where I can find the link.
  5. No third or more entry.
  6. Winner will be drawn at random from all entrants, using
  7. Should the comments system at the new host for fail or break due to excessive traffic or similar, competition will be suspended until it’s fixed.
  8. Any winner outside UK will need to have patience with postal service!
  9. Winner agrees to cheer excitedly when he/she hears the great news 🙂



All you have to do is leave me a comment below and tell me:

What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

(note: I’m hoping to use the answers as future blog topics, so please offer genuine answers! )


twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Texmexdude
    Texmexdude says:

    Concerned I have missed the Cataclysm gold making window as it took me awhile to level my professions.

  2. Hib
    Hib says:

    My biggest concern is getting started. I’m new on the gold making scene and still trying to learn the ropes, the markets, the strategies, the addons. Even reading voraciously, I’m curious if I’ll sink or swim come the projected gemageddon. So far that’s been the only thing I’ve been sure of.

  3. Nienna
    Nienna says:

    I have the gold to make the alchemy mount, but what if (what if) that BOE wand comes on the AH? And I know someone who was reported for shameful dealings just because he had the monmouth mount (the pricey one).
    Now that I have transmuted my way ,everyday, to the pricetag of the mount materials, I am loathe to part with it. My guildies think I am stupid for spending all that gold on a mount. I would hate to see them right about that.

  4. Romilin
    Romilin says:

    My biggest worry is being pushed out of the marked by those w/ time to camp the AH all day long

  5. Echo
    Echo says:

    My main worry with making gold is selling rares/boe epics. I’m never certain I’m getting the best price for them. With crafted items I can generally work out how much of a return I need to make it worth it but with these items it’s always difficult. Auctioneer can only provide so general an idea of price.

    I’ve sold a couple items I got lucky with doing dailies recently and I was left with the nagging feeling I’d stitched myself up.

  6. Danny
    Danny says:

    Making gold as a casual player; how to maximize profits when playing only a few hours a week

  7. Gazimoff
    Gazimoff says:

    My biggest problem? Finding the time to implement the good strategies. My schedule is so hectic with work, play, blogging and podcasting that I rarely get the chance to sit down and work through earning gold.

  8. Stan
    Stan says:

    My biggest worry is that I’m missing some sort of trend and buying and selling at the wrong time in certain markets. I’ve definitely learned to pay more attention to patch notes.

  9. Jasyla
    Jasyla says:

    My biggest problem is that I’m not interested in it. I’m not a smart AH shopper, I don’t go out of my way to make gold. I think raiding is my biggest source of gold income, which is a little sad.

  10. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    My biggest problem is getting all these gold-making addons working properly. While I’ve been successful enough (sitting at 50k gold), if I could figure out what all these less utilized functions do I have a niggling feeling I’d be sitting near cap.

  11. Ragnvald
    Ragnvald says:

    My main problem with using the Auction House is keeping track of how much I should pay for materials, and how much I could sell crafted items for, in order to profit. I realize that these related issues are dependent on current server-specific market prices. I know there are tools to track prices, but from my experience, these require running regular AH scans. I have very limited game time, so I would generally need to choose between fighting with the auction house, or actually playing the game. So, my main concern is how to make a decent amount of gold in as little time as possible, with a simple, fast, streamlined process.

  12. V0rtexx
    V0rtexx says:

    I worry about buying expensive/uncommon items to resell for fear that I won’t be able to resell the item. Then I’m out all the gold I spent on it and it will sit in my bags rotting and I waste even more money on deposit fees trying to get rid of it.

  13. Keith
    Keith says:

    My biggest issue with gold making is feeling that I am not maximising the use of available Addon(s), which are likely being used by my competitors. Which Addon(s) should any serious gold-cap-wannbe be using?

  14. The Gold Queen
    The Gold Queen says:

    Lots of comments and entries so far, thank you so much everyone, I wish you good luck with the competition. Remember you still have until 26 April to enter this competition.

  15. Fresko21
    Fresko21 says:

    Time. I use the obsidium shuffle to sell enchant mats and uncut gems for JC dailies. Prospecting/crafting/cutting/DE’ing is quite time consuming. Id really like to work on my alts, but I hardly have time to play my main outside of shuffling.

  16. Ev
    Ev says:

    Hmm, I suppose my biggest problem is decided when it’s best to wait and stop buying out the competition. Several times I’ve decided I’d try and control a Trade Goods market only to have the items constantly be reposted. Sometimes I can buy them out faster than they can undercut me but when is it best to just stop and wait it out?

  17. Dizzee
    Dizzee says:

    My biggest problem in making gold is basically, that i dont have any clou about addons that may help me to get glyphs and enchants which are valuable
    on the AH.

  18. Firebyrd
    Firebyrd says:

    My biggest problem is how stinking long it takes to mill and make ink for glyphs. The glyph market is far from dead on my server, but the time required is ridiculous.

  19. Firebyrd
    Firebyrd says:

    My biggest problem is how stinking long it takes to mill herbs and make ink. The glyph market is far from dead on my server, but the sheer amount of time required to keep up with it at all is ridiculous.

  20. Johnathan
    Johnathan says:

    My biggest problem is finding more and more people to sell glyphs to, even on the auction house because of how glyphs changed pre-cata to only needing 1 forever. Also finding private buyers for my herbs and stuff.

  21. Kuuhalem
    Kuuhalem says:

    My biggest Worry? Spending too much on something or missing an opportunity due to a lack of information. Both things I have a large degree of control over, which means when I fail it’s all on me.

    My biggest Problem though would be time management. I try to make a decent amount of gold with minimum time investment. That way I can make enough to keep wealthy, but have time to enjoy other aspects of the game.

    I see a lot of common issues here. The accumulated comments here are as interesting as full blog posts. It’s almost like a mini gold blog carnival. I’d love to see a separate Gold Queen post discussing some of the findings here.

  22. Aleithia
    Aleithia says:

    My biggest problem with making gold is the time commitment. I have a very optimized JC business and not much else because I can’t take the time to keep up with other markets. It makes enough to fund my main and 2 serious Alts, though, so I’m not sweating it.

    Thanks for the cool giveaway and great idea for collecting ideas to blog about. Can’t wait tot read the new posts.

  23. Tryllyan
    Tryllyan says:

    At the current time in cata, my biggest problem with making gold is the new version of BOTS being used to immediately undercut or bottom out the economy. These BOTS are used in correlation with the REMOTE AH, granted they are tied to an active account, but as the character needs not actually be “online” they appear to be getting away with it. Blizzard needs to find a way to combat this or economies on all servers will plummet, and with the prices of mats and items constantly on the rise, only bad things can happen here.

  24. Ap1086
    Ap1086 says:

    My main problem is competiton undercutting unintelligently. I usually wait for their items to come off the ah, but this doesn’t feel like the best way to go about it.

  25. Alex
    Alex says:

    I constantly overlook chances at lots of small profits over time for immediate potential payoffs. I have a real get-rich-quick mindset that often leads me down the wrong path towards the gold cap.

  26. Jehanned
    Jehanned says:

    With so many of the main topics already covered, I thought that I would go for one that might not exactly echo the same vein.

    When I was playing a very different game of World of Warcraft more than five years ago, I was able to purchase a mount immediately upon turning 40. This was almost unheard of back then, and the only people I knew that did better actually bought TWO mounts at that time. I had my epic mount within a week of hitting 60, and for those who played in Classic, they know that it seemed impossible to achieve that kind of money. The system now is different enough that the problems people had back then don’t seem to exist in the same way now. (Of course, this is also when there was no such thing as a daily, and when anyone in all blues was uber because epic was truly epic.)

    By level 5, I had made a powerful friend in a beta player who knew all of the ins and outs. He didn’t give me gear or weapons to help me out. He wanted me to learn to play. So, he shared two things with me. Advice… and BAGS. He told me not to leave loot behind, try not to have to run around (like with turn ins or selling off) and waste extra play time, and UTILIZE YOUR BAG SPACE. If you could only do ONE THING to start you on your way to making money, especially when it’s money vs. time, and we are talking at ANY level (scaled up), it is bag space. If a new character starts out with four maximum-size bags, they should develop a large income quickly. (This is complimented with things like knowledge of the Auction House and professions.)

    My “biggest problem” then, is making sure that I can acquire the largest (and, therefore most expensive) bags available in the game. Even 16-slot bags will do until they can be upgraded.


  27. Mildenhall
    Mildenhall says:

    Combating a low population server.

    My personal issue with gold making is the fact that I play on a generally dead server/faction. Drak’Tharon Alliance. The economy is slow, so its hard to flip/sale an item if the demand is not there for said item.

    Now combine that with the fact that I work a full time job. Any posting I do is around 10/11 server time. Then, I get home and do any cancel/reposting around 8 /9 server time. I check my AH listings every so often throughout the night as I PVP, level and alt or farm for more raw mats. I make on average 1000g a day max. And thats on good days. Most of the time I am undercut or my auctions comback expired.

    You can’t put any real quantity of materials out there as the demand is not there. So what little I do make when something sells gets partially sliced off

    by AH cuts and deposits!!!!

    I cannot really afford to switch servers or factions as I have 4 to 5 alts that do all my crafting and gathering. That would be way to expensive.

    Well, thanks for the contest and I look forward to seeing who will win this.

  28. Ktlol
    Ktlol says:

    My biggest concern is spending too much time in one market. I spend way too much with tailoring and enchanting on my priest alt and I realize I spend almost no time working other markets (for example, my rogue LW/Engineer does nothing but post stuff I made while leveling professions).

  29. Zaababy
    Zaababy says:

    Finding my ‘niche’. I can’t. I have my scribe do glyphs, not one will sell. I will enchant vanilla scrolls and will sell 1 maybe 2 per week. I will farm ore and herbs, well the herbs sell some, but its seems to be time wasted because all the goblins BUY their herbs and ore from the auction house and make their gold that way. I try the cross faction pet thing, nada. I am having a small bit of luck with recipes from outlands but it’s sporadic. I wish I could find a consistent way to make gold that nobody else knows about!! I have made mercurial stones and sold them, sold 2 now, but I found one on the auction house for 5 gold! I was selling mine for 75, takes a primal life, primal mana, primal earth. Well now primal manas are going for 50 g. So my profit begins to dwindle. It just seems I am spending a lot of time and effort to make small amounts of gold. But I keep trying, plugging away every time I log in. I have my tailor making shirts, for some reason there are rarely shirts on the AH, but they don’t sell very well. I sell maybe 1-2 everyday, for 25g each. I also post 1 or 2 netherweave bags, because there are always always over 200 bags posted already by just 2 or 3 other sellers! So my gold making is small and sporadic and frustrating. Love the site!

  30. Zoxy
    Zoxy says:

    I would Say the biggest problem i have is actually doing it .

    I find it easy to make gold but to actually always do a full routine . Its the difference of making 1k or 10k a day.

  31. proproxy
    proproxy says:

    My biggest worry about making gold in world of warcraft is that my friends will be so lazy to make gold themselves that they would always go to me for the gold needs

  32. Strig
    Strig says:

    Concern no. 1 is for me dealing with undercutters. I get heavily undercutted on glyphs and on gems. Due to my job, I am posting around the predictable 8 AM/ 6 PM hours. There is no real way of dealing with undercutters.
    Some would say leave the market for some time. Others would say ‘deep undercutting’ – on at least a small number of items. Some things make sense, some don’t.
    As an example, I don’t see the point of driving the price down to 20g on 30 glyphs at a time for a set period. Most people have a low threshold for glyphs anyway so the action eludes the point.
    The only reasonable solution, somehow, is to create a new bank toon every now and then. But then… what’s the point of stocking items, creating bank guilds and so on. A new bank toon will have the exact same posting times; it’ll get away with it for some days/ weeks, but then it will return to not being able to sell. I don’t intend to craft every glyph in the hope I will at least get to sell what the competition doesn’t have on the market. They will. Especially if they use TSM’s sorting/ crafting calculations.

  33. Hooch
    Hooch says:

    Hmm my biggest problem, well believe it or not is spending.
    I’m no massive AH nut but i make gold at a steady rate, the problem hits when it comes to spending my hard earned cash. I’m a very strange person in that i can make alot of cash but once I start to spend it the flood gates open. Because of this i find it very hard to force my self to make that initial spend. Take for eg the Darkmoon fair, made a ton from decks/cards as most do. I have kept a volcano trinket for an alt I plan to raid with. Now I know i’m going to struggle to not sell it for the silly money you can get on the last day of the fair. I’ll say to myself, meh ill just buy it cheaper after the fair goes and prices tank. But then comes the hard part of forcing myself to spend money to buy one. After all, why spend when you can make eh, but why have all this gold if you aren’t going to enjoy it…

  34. Scott
    Scott says:

    My biggest problem is lack of sales knowleadge. I might see that someone is offering an epic BOW in trade for less then the current AH price, but I’m not brave enough to buy it in trade then list it because I don’t know if the item will sell on the AH or if I’ll just get undercut.

  35. Ulkesshern
    Ulkesshern says:

    My personal one is how to capitalise a niche market I’ve found and exploited without my competitors discovering what Im doing…

  36. Tomhupal
    Tomhupal says:

    My biggest problem is once I find a niche market to make gold on it only lasts a short time until someone else sees what I’m doing and floods the market with undercut items.

  37. John
    John says:

    I wonder what profession to use (and in which manner) in order to produce the ultimate gold income per day (according to market needs) and if there is any versatility at these profession/product selling combos (depending on the level range of my character) or if it is one way road to go (like if its only profitable to produce a certain item )

  38. John Ruschmeyer
    John Ruschmeyer says:

    As a fairly new player (approx. 3 mos), my biggest problems center on understanding what to old/sell, how to price, etc.

    Looking back, I can’t believe how much stuff I sold to vendors that I should have auctioned/banked.

  39. E
    E says:

    Biggest concern or worry is in respect to all the aspects that affect gold making. I dont have the capital to buy all mats for enchanting/tailoring or for transmute alchemy and though it’s said farming is a waste – where exactly do I start in gaining capital…?

    I seem to hover around 15k and it never seems to surpass that.

  40. Vindicated
    Vindicated says:

    My biggest problem when making gold is…

    Not completely understanding the demand on my server, which usually means I invest to heavily or lightly into a market and end up losing gold.

    Finding consistent suppliers.


    Resisting the urge to buy BoE/Mounts. Really with all that gold and I lot of cool gold sinks, it’s hard to resist the temptation sometimes.

  41. Matty
    Matty says:

    My biggest problem is fear of commitment. Every time I try to play the Auction House, I get scared that my item will sink lower and lower, and I have to sell it instantly for a mininum profit. If I don’t, it’ll just bug me for ages and I’ll panic.

  42. James
    James says:

    My biggest problem is competing in a market fuels by bots. Glyphs, enchanting, and jewelcrafting are my biggest ways to make money. With bots filling the auction house with cheap ore and cheap herbs, it has created a flood of glyphs, enchants, and cut gems, driving the prices of those down so much that the profit margin no longer makes the time spent making those items worth it.

  43. JustCrazy
    JustCrazy says:

    My biggest problem is how to liquidate items I stock up on in a quick and easy way. I don’t use many Auction House or “money-making” mods and don’t want to be encumbered by them. Thus, I am stuck doing things manually. I have realized as of late that it’s probably costing me potential gold that I could be making. Is there any way to get an in-depth review of the best/great/needed AH mods out there and pit them against each other according to users needs?

  44. Shatamall
    Shatamall says:

    My biggest problem around making gold is that I’m a casual player, so I’m only on 3-4 days a week and not at standard times. For me, this translates into not being able to do much of the post, check and cancel, repost cycle without cutting into my normal playtime (I do like to actually play the game too. :D).

    My current attempt to combat this is to try to automate as much of this process as possible, so I’ve been playing around with TSM some. I figure between TSM to automate the crafting and some judicious use of TUJ to scope out potential markets, I might be able to squeeze out a bit of gold making. I’m a bit of an altoholic, so I’ve got a fair amount of profession coverage already.

  45. ikey955
    ikey955 says:

    My biggest problem is trying to find profitable niches for my professions. On the severs I play on I find most Cataclysm items are selling below mats cost. I believe a lot of people must have the mind set that if I gather it it’s free. And the next problem is keeping the niches you do find profitable because the undercutting uninformed will jump on anything that even looks like it’s making gold. Most of the tips you can glean from the gold blogs seem to be either old news or no longer of any use because of over use with everyone getting into the game. I realize things are server dependent but for me finding a steady source of income would be nice.

  46. jonathon johnson
    jonathon johnson says:

    My biggest worry about making gold in world of warcraft Is that if I spend enough time doing it, blizzard will think that I’m nothing more than a bot and ban me on the spot! I’m surprised it’s not happened yet!

  47. Moorley
    Moorley says:

    My biggest fear in the gold market is the gold farmers and bots targeting the crafting professions markets. In a sense bots and farmers control the mats market. This leaves craftable goods as one of the only sources that do not include questing as a source of gold in the game. I’ve noticed some trends recently where competitors appear to be scripted/botting to run between the ah and the closest mailbox. In order to through blizzard off of their scent, they script in some runs/jumps/shifting (a la shamans to ghost form and druids to their various forms and back again). These (alleged) bots post at all times of the day, and tend to undercut me anytime I post any goods in the glyph market. The bots and farmers are sure to move to where the real gold per hour is. More gold per hour means more cash in their pocket.

  48. Geargrinder
    Geargrinder says:

    My biggest problem is analysis paralysis. I overthink everything. I have no problem making a big investment but I want to have avenues to recover my money. To hopefully turn a profit but at the very least break even. Just today I purchased 500 Volatile Earth with the intention of flipping for a profit because I know I can use the Volatiles for other things if the market tanks. My problem is that I take a long time investigating markets so sometimes I miss the initial wave and the really big profits. I guess I’m too risk adverse.

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