Which of these famous Bank alts are you?

During my daily work on the Auction House, I see several different types of sellers.

The level 85

This guy comes to the Auction House after his raid.  He wears half T12, half T11, and has around 20,000g .  He is trying to sell his BoEs, and wants to buy gems, and mats for enchanting so his guild mates will enchant his new gear.  He looks at flasks and pots, but doesn’t really buy them until 5 minutes before raid.

Usually seen: Orgrimmar or Stormwind

The Level 40-70 abandoned alt

This is a half-leveled alt that the player got bored with and turned into his bank alt.  His professions are inscription, jewelcrafting (not maxed) or alchemy.  He usually wears half blues that he bought in the auction house one night when he was bored, and half pvp gear, because he started to pvp in the hope of getting a nice looking set, but got fed up of being graveyard camped.

Usually seen: Exodar. Darnassus. Undercity.

The level 1 fun bank

This guy wears tuxedo trousers and a rich purple shirt.  Or he is a level 1 blood elf / night elf / female human, and wears no gear at all, standing stupidly and naked in front of the auction house npcs day in day out.  His name is a corruption of “bank” or a bank brand like “Santander”.

Usually seen: running back and forth to the mailbox like superman

The level 85 alt

This character is a back up to the level 85 raiding main.  His professions are mining and herbing.  He appears at the auction house just before his mom pulls the plug on the internet at 22.00, and dumps bagfulls of whiptail, cinderbloom, and obsidium ore on the Auction house causing moans of delight from the other bank alts.

Usually seen: stealing your herbs in fight form

The Guild Leader

This rare nocturnal beast appears just after the raid ends and splashes the auction house with BoEs and other items found during the raid. He then spends 1,000g on potions for the guild bank and disappears into the night, never to be seen again

Usually seen: on a rare mount high above the city, AFK

The Nub

This guy turns up at the auction house just after school finishes for the day.  The Auctioneer npcs try to avoid him, as he likes to drool all over their shoes whilst browsing the latest shiny epics in stock.  He wears a striking combination of last season pvp gear, and heroic blues, with a badly enchanted weapon.

Usually seen: In trade chat, 1-2 hours after school ends, screaming and crying for gold to buy the latest gear.


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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

11 replies
  1. shale of farstriders
    shale of farstriders says:

    Oh my the differences there are on auction alt it is very funny because I have probably one of each of those that you have referred to there I have a banker named bankofus. I also have a level 68 banker in shatt. Then I have a glyph seller who is 20 so that he can mount to do a circuit around the city to get recipes and the occasional herb the vendor might have.

  2. Darkfriend337
    Darkfriend337 says:

    This made me laugh. So true. A friend of mine’s (fellow gold maker) has a level 52 and 67 who post certain of his items. Then there is the level 80 in wrath epics who competes with me for belt buckle market share. And then there is the bot, who posts off his level 3 toon, and posts 500+ stacks of ore (OMG I LOVEYOU) which I bought out.

    So true, hilarious.

  3. Alpha
    Alpha says:

    I’m a naked level 20 that runs between the bank, AH and mailbox in Org’a Tauren area.

  4. Danni
    Danni says:

    “Usually seen: stealing your herbs in fight form” Okay, typo win 😛

    I’m a mixture of several. I’m at the auction house on my main level 85, my levelling alts, my bank alt (a level 13 rogue that was re-purposed when I realised I couldn’t play rogues) and my Hordie (normally trying to sell Alliance pets). My main level 85 may be my raiding character, but she always uses the auction house in Darnassus as she’s a Night Elf. I use the remote auction house to keep an eye on things on so many characters 😛

  5. Sark
    Sark says:

    I feel I’m the breed between the level one nude BElf (female of course) and the abandoned character (my now 84 DK with JC/Inscription maxed)

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      You only have to worry if you are a crossbreed between the level 85 … and the naked toon. Naked 85s is scary

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