Alarming news from our favourites mmo champ and wowhead:

Patch 4.3: Alchemy Specialization Cost Increase In Patch 4.3, Alchemy Specialization quests have been moved to the Alchemy trainers and the old quests have been removed. The three new quests and rough costs from Auction House prices for materials are:

Potion Master Mythical Healing Potion x 6 Mythical Mana Potion x 6 Potion of Treasure Finding x 2 Total AH Materials Cost: 450

Transmutation Master Truegold x 4 Total AH Materials Cost: 2200

Elixir Master Flask of the Draconic Mind x 2 Flask of the Winds x 2 Flask of Steelskin x 2 Flask of Titanic Strength x 2 Total AH Materials Cost: 900

If you’re am Alchemist with transmute spec and fed up with the lack of truegold procs and considering changing back to flask or pot spec. DO IT NOW!

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  1. Keldion
    Keldion says:

    The potion mastery quest was my particular favorite among Alchemist specializations. It requires a handful of potions (5x Super Healing, 5x Super Mana, 5x Major Dreamless Sleep) and a visit to High Botanist Freywinn inside the Botanica.

    Best of all, you can complete the quest on the dungeon’s normal difficulty. Once you have the potion specialization, you can spend 150 gold to unlearn it and pick up transmutation or elixir mastery, completely bypassing their own quests.

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