4.1: Level 1 bank alts will no longer be able to use the World of Warcraft Auction House, if plans by Blizzard-Activision are pushed through.

Despite a protest on the battle.net PTR forum, Blizz seem set to force through this change which means our level 1 alts will not be able to post, and you will have to use a level 85 character in order to use a max level AH.

Blizzard Blizzard received positive feedback to the minimum item level for dungeon heroics, and will be implementing a change in minimum level to 85 and minimum item level in order to use the Auction House.  Your faction Auction House was always meant to be only for the majority of players with the right item level.  With this change, gold farmers and players who use the Auction House as a mini game will need to get an average item level in order to interact with the economy.  Minimum item level will be 360 which we feel is the right level for the trade economy to ensure a quality experience.  World of Warcraft Remote Auction House will remain unaffected by these changes.  We’re very happy with the challenges that lie ahead for players wishing to use the Auction House.

Blizz have obviously been waiting to do this since the day they changed the wait time for payments from AH items from instant to 1 hour.  Personally, it’s going to be a royal pain in the backside to change all my auctions from my level 1 and 5 bank alts (ex bank alts now, gasp!) to my main, which is the only level 85 I have with the minimum item level gear score.

What does this mean for you?

You need to either

  • Level your bank alt to 85 and buy BoE Epics until you get 360 gear score; or
  • Use your main as your banker

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  1. jerry247
    jerry247 says:

    o lord, this was the worst thing to wake up to this morning. I thought, what? WHY!! o wait, item level, got to be a joke; followed the link and rolled over for 10 more min of restful sleep!

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    I read this before going to bed last night. I did not sleep well. Mission Accomplished!

  3. Prncesspwn
    Prncesspwn says:

    Damn you Gold queen!!! I was freaking out, was like WTF!!! Thn BF reminded me it was April 1st! Good joke, had me freaking out!

  4. Thraul
    Thraul says:

    You almost had me until I saw the date today and the forum topic from the link in your post. LOL

    April Fools!!!!

  5. Rob
    Rob says:

    I just spent 30 mins googling “4.1 blizz to lock out level 1’s from AH” and various other sentences to try and cross reference this, damn you!!!!!!!!! Nice One, GG.

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