3 Reasons to Store in your World of Warcraft Bank

Emotional Bloopers

When you’ve seen a high price on a cut gem, and got too excited and you’ve jewelcrafted more than will sell. There’s no point in posting over 10 of each gem type. You’ll just devalue the market. You know you’ll get undercut the moment your back’s turned anyway!

Also, the bargains and rare items impulse bought for resale. You might want to take them off the radar for a short while to increase perceived rarity, but the warning is someone else might post another item in the meantime use your judgement.


Blizzard Bloopers

Whenever temporary over-supply of item is falsely increasing prices. The last few days, Whiptail has been in such abundance, the price has fallen hard. Blizzard has now apparently hotfixed Whiptail spawn rates in Uldum, and so this very minute would be a good time to buy out the low price whiptail before the prices rise again.

Yes, buy, not farm, due to opportunity cost. Herbs, ore, trade mats, fish, leather etc etc should be picked up if you happen to pass nearby in the course of a quest, but farming gives a low gold:time yield and it’s cheaper to buy on AH.

Gold Makers don’t tell you this because if everyone stopped farming, we wouldn’t have anything on AH to buy!


Speculate to Accumulate

For holding items when you expect them to rise in value. Eg super rare items, items they are taking out the game and pyrite.
Pyrite is expected to yield epic gems in future patch. If this is true, you’ve netted yourself a fortune. If not, then you can still prospect or smelt the ore to make gold.


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