Warcraft Patch 8.0 17 July

Battle for Azeroth pre-patch arrives Tuesday 17 July!

Gold-Making for 8.0 Prepatch Preparation

By now you should have read the pre-patch preparation guide. Consider this your reminder, if you haven’t done it yet!

Five Things To Do Before Battle for Azeroth Guide


Making Gold in Battle for Azeroth Prepatch – Auction House Sales!

If you have not sold your stock of excess ore, herbs, and so forth, then you will be competing with all the other panicing world of warcraft players. The prices are going to be their lowest ever.   So don’t sell now.  Hold onto them, use them slowly and steadily over the coming months.  Don’t settle for the lowest prices!

Warcraft Gold in Patch 8.0

Dumping and Stockpiling?

Take my advice on which items to dump, and which to stockpile.


Advice for TGQ Patreons for Battle for Azeroth

The new videos and information on BfA Professions are up (or in progress!) on the patreon-only website.  In order to avoid a rush on BfA release date I strongly advise you to read up now, learn the new farming routes ahead of the curve and take advantage of the crafting guides.

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