Goldmaking Ethics – Responsibility to Other Players

The GoldMaking Ethics is a series of Warcraft Opinion Articles documenting responses to ethical questions posed on Twitter on 8 May 2018.

Tweets are presented out of context, and you can click them to read the rest of the conversation.  You are always welcome to chat with me on twitter where my name is @thegoldqueen and you can find Gold Dragon here also @Dragonbearjoe


We have 9 articles for you to read, culminating in a TGQ Long Read with my own opinions. Today we talk about our responsibility to be kind to other players on the server, or the lack of that responsibility.

All stories were gathered in a judgement-free atmosphere. I understand if you disagree with other people or get upset by it, but during the Ethics Questions, we are examining responses in a detached scientific manner.

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game.  The other characters are played by real people.  We talked on twitter about our responsibility to treat them well and our ethics about interacting with other players.


Is Gold Making helpful to other players on the server?

Put on your Big Boy Pants

OG Dragon says gold making feels really good.

Education is Giving

Darkshore Capital chats about learning lessons and how helpful this can be.

Undercutting is fair.

I believe that undercutting your friend is honourable.  Whitelisting, or refusing to undercut is an insult to their ability to make gold.  CatGoesWoof agrees and would not hold back against any friend, even their life partner. Competition makes you work harder.

Sound Bite

Odin Omen and Mara even have a sound bite to listen to on the subject of ethics

How much do you give your fellow player?

Do you give them what they ask for, or what they need? Jonathan wants to know!

Love the competitive game in the Auction House

Studen loves the back and forth of auction house pvp.

Amanda is the same

Side Question

A wild question appears from wild (via Rhalliord)! Which character should they post on the auction house with? Does it matter? I think it does and talk about this a lot in my memebers-only guide.  You can get access to this by becoming a monthly patreon donor. 

Education Education Education

Sivation sells item on the Auction House that could be bought cheaper elsewhere, and is content that his sales help people to learn.  Then he references a sales technique that I first described back in 2010!  Drive up the perceived item value, so that your normal priced item appears cheap.

Profit is Profit

It’s that simple, says Pointygnome

Work deserves rewards

Tiapriestess thinks they deserve a decent return on their work.  I agree.

What About The Small Items?

Persephonae reminds us not to forget our roots.  Remember when you needed that cheap item, but eveything in the auction house was overpriced?  A balance of prices is the answer.


Manech is here to help teach! We have a responsibility to help pass on our information and experience.  I agree, that’s why I write the website!

Just Gift

Jagerfish gives gifts to their friends. aw

But Beware

Rain would raise the alarm if there was something that could harm others.

Should this be a question?

I have a moral obligation to be a good girl, says Runesael.  Don’t worry, Runesael, I try!

Karma’s gonna get ya

FlameFlash references something dear to my heart: Golden Manners for a Golden Reputation.  A good reputation can’t be bought.

Things got Meta

What if you are treating other players well, but try to force other players to be ethical.  Is that ethical?

Over to you

How do you treat the other players on your server? Are they fair game or potential family?



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